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Twin Seeds is the city where Claris and Elliot live in. It's in NiGHTS into Dreams. Twin Seeds is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and both Claris and Elliot are celebrating. Elliot went off to play a game of basketball and the town bullies challenge him to a game. He suffered an amazing defeat. Claris practiced really hard to be the lead singer for the Twin Seeds concert, but flopped during the auditions. In the end, Elliot gets his victory and Claris got the part. 
Twin Seeds also serves as the final level in NiGHTS into Dreams. NiGHTS is captured by Wizeman in some kind of prison, Claris and Elliot succesfully attempt to fly on their own, regathering their their ideya along the way. At the end they free NiGHTS. This angers Wizeman triggering the final boss fight in Nightmare. 
Twin Seeds is also probably a reference to the 2 young main characters of the game.

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