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    NiGHTS is a flying, jester-like Nightmaren who betrayed Wizeman, the ruler of Nightmare, in order to live in liberty with the Nightopians. It befriends and dualizes (fuses) with all Nightopia visitors to diminish Wizeman's control of the dream world.

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    NIGHTS as the referee of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, ready to wave the chequered flag.
    NIGHTS as the referee of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, ready to wave the chequered flag.

    NiGHTS was a first-class Nightmaren whose job was to steal all the valuable substance known as Ideya for Wizeman. It has an ambiguous gender and dresses in a purple jester outfit. Physiologically, it has no nose and weak body support, and so levitates instead of standing on the ground. NiGHTS has the ability to fly and suck up its enemies by flying around them (this is referred to as paralooping).

    Becoming tired with doing low-level work for Wizeman and seeking a more fun-filled life, it betrayed Wizeman and went to live with the creatures known as Nightopians. Due to its betrayal, Wizeman tried to track down and attack her and Nightopia. Wizeman sent all of his minions (including NiGHTS's sibling, Reala) to go after it. NiGHTS then endeavoured to defeat the minions of Wizeman with the help of it's friends.

    Relationship with Reala

    NiGHTS and Reala appear to have a complex relationship. Although they both recognize each other as enemies and rivals, it is shown that they don't completely hate each other. Reala shows disappointment in NiGHTS's choice of leaving Wizeman, as NiGHTS has a similar disappointment in Reala for still being loyal to Wizeman.


    NiGHTS is a character created by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ōshima. The character is androgynous because the creators wanted to give NiGHTS a playful and cheerful feel that both males and females can relate to. It now appears in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing as the referee of the race, waving the chequered flag to start and end the race.


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