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Uno creates massive hand relief and romance explosion. 1

 What can I say about Uno that hasn't already been said about the LOGO channel? It's a way of getting friends together to create massive romance explosion and to discuss your fears of Subway sandwiches while playing a friendly game of cards. Occasionally a vagrant will appear on camera and bust a nut, but this is a rare occurance unless you're playing during the afternoon. Then it is quite frequent. Sometimes Uno will cause uncontrollable romance explosions leading to stained towels and the need...

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Must have for all 360 owners 0

The classic card game Uno is on the xbox 360. You can play with computer or with people over xbox live. You can chat and view people who have them xbox cams. You can play a regular game or you can change the rules like draw card until you get a card you can put down or point total for a win. You can also play two on two. The Achievements are easy to get I got all but two in a few hours. The graphs are great, in the background there is moving circles and lines and it’s very nice to look at. The m...

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All you would want from a console version of Uno. 0

Who's crazy idea was this!? Uno on the Xbox 360? Surprisingly however its great fun and arguably one of the best games on Live Arcade.Its a bright and colourful game that is great to look at and due to (mostly payed for) downloadable content, There is plenty of room to change the playing field and deck of cards.I think the best thing you can say about the graphics is that they are all you would want from a game of Uno on the system.Like above the sound is just as you would expect, you get your c...

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Fantastic rendition of a classic card game- but not perfect. 0

UNO Review - December 16, 2009  UNO is a card game that almost everyone has played at least once in their lives. While you may not be familiar with the rules, the game is astoundingly easy to pick up and play, and features good, light-hearted fun. The Xbox Live Arcade version of the game captures the spirit of UNO quite well, and, despite a few minor flaws, is a fantastic rendition of the said game.  - Graphics The graphics in UNO are, predictably, nothing too fancy. The animation is smooth, the...

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What better way to chill out in front of your 360? 0

Uno is undoubtebly my game of choice when I want to sprawl out in front of my TV and not have to think too hard about what I'm playing. The rules, whilst being straight forward, allow for quite a bit of crafty gameplay and can result in some memborable hands. Up to four players at a time can play via the Live! service and there's certainly no shortage of active games to join at almost any point during the day. There are plans to incorporate the upcomming 360 webcam into the game so that you ca...

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Uno Review 0

Uno is great. As a physical card game its cheap, easy to learn and a damn load off fun when playing with the right people. UNO has become a cult classic with Xbox 360 owners because the people at Carbonated Games have mananged to take all those things that make UNO great and streamline them for XBLA. Now just to get it out of the way I will not be explaining the rules of UNO, firstly because I cant really be bothered and secondly its just criminal if you dont know them anyway.Straight away at th...

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