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A Flawed Gem 0

The game begins with you deciding which race you want to play of which there are 6 and each of them has their own unique playstyle. Tremere - Warlock like vampires who specialise in "Blood Magic". Toreador - Traditional seductive vampire, good for a first playthrough. Nosferatu - Best for advanced players due to their sneaking nature which means they have to use the sewers for transport around cities to avoid unwanted attention. Dancing Malkavian Malkavian - Vampires who have become psychotic, h...

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A toothless action RPG facade conceals an immersive and imaginative adventure. 2

There is a certain burgeoning philosophy that I and several others are starting to embrace regarding how much "game" modern video games truly require in order to succeed as entertainment. In slightly less ambiguous terms, how necessary it is in this enlightened modern era of video games to include the type of scenario where the game might momentarily halt its narrative flow to indulge the player with an extended sequence of non-stop action before coming back around to an interchange with a boss ...

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Short review - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 0

I love this game for three reasons. First, it was the first PC game I played. Second, it was the first PC game I completed. And third, it was a present given to me by my fiance, who was my best friend at the time. Well actually, there are loads of reasons as to why I love this game, it's dark, funny, has got a great story, great voice acting, and of course, vampires that would tear chunks off a Stephanie Meyer book.If you're not aware of the World of Darkness, and the Masquerade universe then I ...

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A Roleplaying Gem 0

The Game begins by taking a personality test to determine what type of Vampire you should be. In the game there are six distinctive races of Vampires and the game starts with you being transformed into a Vampire. After your transformation you see the vampire hierarchy. Also learn some important rules such as do not violate the masquerade by revealing the existence of vampires to humans. I find that the game play where you had to be subtle about your vampiric activities was quite fun and this gam...

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This game sucks, in a good way. 0

Now, this may not be something you would expect from the likes of me, but I have been a player of games in the World of Darkness series for quite a while. While I was never a large fan of Vampire: The Masquerade, I was quite familiar with the series. This gives me an ability to come at this game from two perspectives, one from the game reviewer, and another from the series fan. One of the things you notice when playing this game is the similarities between this game and a previous game I have en...

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much better than I ever expected it to be 0

Having been a huge fan of Half-Life my expectation for its sequel (Half-Life 2, obviously) all but blinded me to the potential delights of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. However, now that I’ve completed the game a number of times the truth is that I’m still finding myself drawn back to its deep and fascinating world of half truths and shadowy characters. I can now say that this is one of my favourite games of 2004. A lot has been made of Bloodlines buggy, unfinished nature. Of cours...

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An Underrated Masterpiece. 0

Based on the Pen-and-Paper RPG by White Wolf called "World of Darkness" comes Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines on the PC. It is the first game non-valve game to use the Source Engine. The game was released with major bugs and slowdowns (specifically outdoor environments). Despite that, it is still is a rich world to explore. With the fan community constantly updating the game with patches, it just keeps getting better and better.The combat is rather clunky and guns do hardly any damage, melee ...

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if feasting on the blood of the homeless is your type of fun... 0

Vampire Bloodlines was a revolutionary game of it's time, it also was a buggy game of it's time. Now some people on the net has spent time fixing it, the Vampire: the Masquerade - bloodlines true (patch) V5.04AT Unoffical may wonder why it is version five point O'four? It's because it took 4 years in the making! Damn! This patch has fixed the game and metaphorically renovated the game.Why the hell sould I care about and old ass game that has a patch made by some random fan you say? fir...

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Great story driven and atmospheric RPG 0

I just finished the game with the community plus patch. The game surprised me by how much it pulled me into its story and setting. I didn't know much about the” Vampire the Masquerade” world before playing the game, and I was intrigued by how dark and mature the environment and tone were. I really liked the modern setting, especially how all of the computers actually required you to type out commands to interact with them. The voice acting was great and the graphics looked quite good after apply...

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One Of The Best Vampire Games In Existance... If You Ignore The Second Half 0

Based on the pen and paper role playing game of the same title name, Bloodlines tells the tale of various breeds of vampire living in the world of humans, trying to uphold the Masquerade that they're just normal everyday humans... Which means fit in, or they're going to be sending the disciplinary squad after you!The game opens up as pretty much a turf war, and later descends into an end of the world prophecy story. Your progression from lowest rung on the ladder to working for the big cheese/be...

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A gem worthy of a purchase by RPG or Horror fans 0

Troika Game's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a back-catalogue gem that deserved a sequel and is readily available on Valve's Steam for a reasonable price ($19.99 as of June 2009). Why does it deserve a play? GroovyFirst, it offers gamers a rich RPG atmosphere that differs from the usual Swords and Sorcery experience. Anyone familiar with White Wolf's World of Darkness role-playing universe (the basis for this game) or have ever watched David Goyer's re-imagining of the Blade universe, w...

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