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Vendetta was developed and partially published along with Kixx by System 3

back in 1990. It's a bit of a thriller as the game starts with an animated

sequence where terrorists kidnap a professor who's developing a top secret

weapon for the Ministry of Defense; and to make things even wore even his daughter gets kidnapped - and the police thinks you're the culprit!

You star as the professor's brother and as if family relations weren't enough, you also owe him your life on many occasions and so you wage a vendetta against the terrorists who took him and your niece from you.


"Let's rock!" the game tells you as you emerge from the waters, not unlike Raiden in MGS2. Sporting an isometric view, you're armed with a knife but after taking down some enemies you'll soon find yourself armed to the teeth with guns and rifles.

As if taking down terrorists weren't enough, you also had to find clues, hack computers, and solve some puzzles here and there all which will enable you to jump in your car for the driving section of the game.

With new information at hand you travel across sprawling grass planes, desert scenery and even through winter landscapes - but look out for helicopters! Even here they show their treacherous nature. You'll also be pulled over by police who will let you go if you show them the right evidence.

The game has a nice sense of urgency and pressure as from the first window, the timer of a bomb ticks slowly down, and you have to rescue the professor and his daughter within 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Not to worry, our hero drives a Ferrari and he's not afraid to break any speeding limits.

Interesting Stuff

The music and sound design is by Matt Gray who's other known works include Tusker and The Last Ninja 2. Mark Cale produced it whom is also the man behind International Karate, The Last Ninja and newer Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.


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