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Posted By Quacktastic

I need this.

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Posted By LordAndrew

Dos Equis style ad? Interesting approach. :D

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Edited By Keithcrash

Lame video, but potentially cool game.

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Posted By Metiphis

That video was like Deadly Premonition, awkward enough to be amazing.

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Posted By scarace360

i need this. Selling soul for copy of 3d dot hero!

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Posted By Jeremy_x

Stay retro, my friends!
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Posted By CyleMoore

Can't wait for this!

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Posted By SaturdayNightSpecials

That is rather awesome.

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Posted By SteveVice

EPIC! :) 

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Posted By Milkman

A parody of a Dos Equis ad?  But...but...why? I don't understand...

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Posted By Rorschach

So, so, so very awesome.

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Posted By D_W

This is so awesome.
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Very awesome.

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Posted By Osiris

Haha, so cool!

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I totally have some dos equis in my fridge right now and imma grab me one right now. And I am getting this day one. Looks great. 

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Posted By Grillbar

i want this game. or atleast i think i do

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Posted By byrjun

I think I love just about everything I've seen from this game.

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Posted By artofwar420

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Posted By BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Jeremy_x said:
" Stay retro, my friends! "
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I hope that's the heroes' real voice. That would be fantastic.

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I hate the way this game represents itself by associating itself to existing things.
But I still want it.

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Posted By Pet_Assassin

Atlus Marketing is killing it!
And for those that don't get it:  

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Posted By fox01313

Wow this trailer actually matches the crazy vids I've been seeing of this over the months, first the idea of building the player as a dog & now 8bit voicetracks of awesome.

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Posted By Shibbles

Oh my god, that was awesome.

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Posted By Brendan
@Milkman said:
"A parody of a Dos Equis ad?  But...but...why? I don't understand... "

Don't worry, dear, I'll tell you when you're older ;)
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Posted By MeatSim

First Steve Nash does a parody of the Dos Equis ads and now this.

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Fuck Yes, Do Want.

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I so hope this eventually makes its way to xbox or pc, I don't have the scratch for a ps3.
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Oh damn. Strawberry clock made it's way back into my head, noes D: