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Posted By natural_deadhead

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Posted By Prince_of_Space

I'm not sure about this game.

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Posted By Jimbo
@ShadowKing7 said:
" Somebody spelled wield wrong. "
And dual.
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Posted By dbz1995

Wield has been spelt wrong. The story itself I still find ridiculous.

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Posted By Griddler
@dbz1995: How was it spelled before?
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Posted By dbz1995
@girdz:  Weild
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Posted By Daftasabat

Why can't they make the movies this awesome?

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Edited By hagridore

Do lightsabers cut dudes this time? 
Edit: It would appear they do not.

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Posted By ShenEvil44

The Force "Unleased" ????????? So this game is leased? =P
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Posted By Eversor

So wait... you wield duels? Holy fucking shit, that's pretty rad!

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Posted By TheHBK

Nope, this still is nowhere near as cool as Jedi Knight 2.  Lightsabers cut guys and force powers were actually something that felt awesome, not an over the top super power.  The fact that this loser hipster is somehow the most power jedi ever seen, its ridiculous.  A true star wars fan would not care much for this game, given how we grow up believing Darth Vader to be a badass, Yoda and the emperor to be amazing with the force.  Yet this young guy can launch lighting and bring down star destroyers like nothing.  Yeah right.  Light sabers are not baseball bats dammit.

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Posted By Death_Unicorn

The concept for the story wants to make my rip out my eye balls...

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Edited By stinky

duel? really? 
are your own hands fighting against each other?

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Posted By JeanLuc
@hagridore: They do. its just not to the level of something like Ninja Gaiden because they need to keep it rated Teen.
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Posted By inkwolf

I'm totally down for some more Force Unleashed.
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Posted By jmrwacko

In this game: zombie jedi.

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Posted By jrodrz

NICE! Too ad Iv'e never played Force Unleashed :(

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Posted By DXmagma
@dbz1995 said:
" Wield has been spelt wrong. The story itself I still find ridiculous. "
he's a clone of starkiller what's so ridiculous?
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Posted By Tonic7

I find the voice acting in this trailer to be slightly off-putting.

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this always seems like such a cool game idea... but 
also woah that game comes out this month!

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Posted By cowdrunk

I feel as though half the game was just spoiled for me :(
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Posted By KillyDarko

Bad trailer, but hopefully the game will be cool, even if the storyline still sounds kinda ridiculous at this point...

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Posted By Marek
Well in this game they actually did add dismemberment, also while jedi knight 2 was amazing force powers are not what you came to that game for. Also, in these games the ramp up everyone's force powers for the sake of the game not just the main character and lightning isn't really a hard thing for sith to do..... And don't say "A true star wars fan" I totally loooooove star wars and i really enjoyed the first game (and i'll probably enjoy the second) for what it was.  
 Also, do you know what being a hipster implies? Cause Starkiller ain't no hipster.
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Posted By bornagain888

Looks tight. 

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Posted By DeadDorf

Am I totally wrong, or should it be dual wield?

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Edited By Zithe

Dual* wield? Unleashed*?
They should just stop letting interns add videos. Kessler did the same thing.

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Posted By Mikemcn
@DeadDorf said:
" Am I totally wrong, or should it be dual wield? "
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Posted By sandweed
@TheHBK:  So the plot in Jedi Knight where the sith take people to a special planet and turn them into force wielders are more plausible?
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Edited By Steve_Ramirez

Indeed....Don't worry, I slapped myself for that...
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Edited By Besetment

The gameplay is going to frustrate me and the story is going to annoy me, but I will have no choice but to rent this game. At least they recognize that you're not supposed to be able to clone jedi. If that were possible, then the "clone wars" would have been a bit one sided.
Also, it still says unleased instead of unleashed.

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Posted By Aaron_G

I really want this. 

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Posted By ComradeCrash

I now want to play the first game!

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Posted By Suicidal_SNiper

You know... All bad reviews aside. I fucking loved the first game.

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Posted By Steve_Ramirez
Seriously...I fucking hate this game now.
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Posted By CactusWolf


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Posted By Killroycantkill

So for the third game you're going to be General Greivis when he could only handle 3 lightsabers right?

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Posted By Gerhabio

the story seems stupid but the action seems over the top enough to redeem it.

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Posted By hwarang


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Posted By DarkTravesty
@hagridore:  gotta keep that teen rating :(
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Posted By UberExplodey

...did he throw a fucking TIE-Fighter??! shit is ridiculous.

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Posted By LiquidPrince

Looking pretty good.

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Posted By spiceninja
@hagridore said:
" Do lightsabers cut dudes this time?  Edit: It would appear they do not. "
Watch gameplay. You can totally cut dudes limbs off.
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Posted By jmrwacko

You fixed dual too. Good job!

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Posted By dyong

Darth Vader must be really fed up with the cloning program by now.

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Posted By Jayzilla

they could have made a really great game and instead turned to tie fighter throwing dragon ball z jedi action. my father truly is dead.

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Posted By CL60
@hagridore said:
" Do lightsabers cut dudes this time?  Edit: It would appear they do not. "
Fail edit, lightsabers do indeed dismember now.
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Posted By Teran
@Jayzilla: Maybe you should go watch the movies again.  If Jedi were portrayed in a game as they are in the movies you might as well be playing Dynasty Warriors.  Force Unleashed actually manages to make Jedi interesting because finally they're more than laser sword fighters with the ability to move small light weight objects a few feet at low velocity.
Jedi as they are in the movie are not deserving of the awe so many give them.  They never do anything a diplomat or soldier couldn't do... and soldiers can actually do it from a safe distance with a laser gun.
What we have here is a great game, greater than most of the Star Wars universe.
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Posted By Toxin066

If I do end up getting this one it'll be for the gameplay, whereas the first one I picked up for the story. The idea of cloning the apprentice still seems contrived. And Vader's voice? Come on, man. It's like someone's friend put on that Vader mask/voice changer kiddy toy and someone told them they sounded like Darth Vader.

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