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This looked awfully charming on UPF. Intriguing.

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I won't forever ignore it, but I really didn't find it funny. Music for the trailer was pretty good, and maybe the gameplay will be something.

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This looks fantastic.

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Total Psychonauts vibe from the characterization going on here

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Huh. I kind of hate everything about what I'm seeing, but this looks way too unusual and interesting to ignore.

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Pink spaghetti is made out of sticker peoples brains!

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This looks promising

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I'm loving this art style.

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Pretty sure this is coming to more than the vita

Yupp, PS3 also.

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Good choice of... uh... EVERYTHING.

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That art style deeply disturbs me.

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Looks neat!

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Ryan North is good people.

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Pretty sure this is coming to more than the vita

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Any comment on this video that is not


or perhaps


is probably an invalid comment.

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Loved this trailer the first time I saw it. Still love it now.

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If Tim Burton made videogames.

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I love the indie game movement