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Posted By Mikewrestler5
" These guys are fucking morons when it comes to directions and maps.  "
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Posted By ma_rc_01

Are those bees a bug? Zing! also, they piss me off.

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Posted By McQuinn

OMG Brad, how can you be that dumb?  You lost half your health...

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Posted By McQuinn

GO TO PANDA BEAR! It's a gun shop.

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Posted By TadThuggish

I honestly CANNOT BELIEVE how Brad is at every aspect involving this video game.  I just watched Ryan give him some directions on the map and he just wouldn't fucking listen, or he just didn't know his ups and downs and lefts and rights.
There's some really funny stuff here, but every time something so remarkably stupid happens I feel like giving up on this and watching VJ exclusively.

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Posted By deadly_polo

wow heavy rain spoiler - good thing that game is like 2 months old! This game is weird...

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Posted By KaosAngel

...this was the most wasted episode in the history of the Endurace Run.  How hard is it to read a GPS/Map?! 

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Its become obvious you arent reading the comments. Thats a shame as then you'd know the flying insects are because your CLOTHES ARE DIRTY! Sorry but I was watching this whole thing saying out loud in a crazy fashion "JUST CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES AND SET THEM TO BE CLEANED!" 
Sorry, had to get that off my chest. You guys realy should read the manual if not the comments. haha
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Posted By HatKing

I'm startin to get the impression that Brad is a little ditzy. 

Also I love that they figured out the quick door animation.

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Posted By Blair

The Endurance Run rages on as Ryan and Brad wait for a community meeting!

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Posted By RavioliSumo

That fishing was amazing.

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Seriously, their incompetence with this game and its relatively simple mechanics makes me really question if they should be professionally reviewing other games.

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Posted By Kratch

Sorry, it's really hard to watch someone do something and not be able to communicate with them.

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Posted By soralapio
@cximran said:
" You know, this game is looking surprisingly deep after watching these ERs
It's deep alright... DEEP HURTING!
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Posted By MeruFM

Lots of anger around here *whistles* 
Though yeah. It amazes me how little they accomplish in so much time.

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Posted By Sarumarine

I have to say, Deadly Premonition has the worst map system I've ever seen. A map that shifts as you change direction? Limited zoom stuck at way too close? No ability to put way points on the map? No quick indicator to where you are on the map? Oh man. It's amazing they even give you a marker for your objective. 
However, it totally fits with the style of this crazy game. But I couldn't deal with it. Heh.

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PROTIP: To skip the "getting into/out of car" animations, as well as door opening animations, just press START! 
 As far as the map, I wish somebody would take the time to blow up the map in the below link and label all the pertinent locations. :/

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Posted By Zlimness

For god sake BR, GET SOME CLEAN CLOTHES! Stinky Agent!

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Posted By Ariketh

K&W! Yeeeaaah!
Always good to see Brad represent!

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Posted By MisterMouse

man nothing happened in this episode really...

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Posted By gavingt

Every single one of you that are talking shit about how they're playing the game need to SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS. Practically every game mechanic in DP (!!!) is counter-intuitive and dated, so Brad and Ryan have every right to struggle with them.  If you were playing along at home, you'd know exactly what they're struggling with.
On another note, does anyone wish Jeff and Ryan were paired together for these, if only so we could get some back-and-forth dialogue about Twin Peaks?

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Posted By SchwartzChamp

I loves me some BR but for the love of GOD use the cigarettes.

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Posted By Neverwinter27

Did Brad ever drank paint thinner when he was a kid?

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Posted By Seroth

Aw. I was kinda hoping they'd go through the whole game without knowing how to run through doors... hopefully they'll go through the whole game with the "bees." :P

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I always try to get lunch and bring it home before watching these runs.  "Let's Plays" on YouTube are all fine and good, but something about you guys playing makes me enjoy the commentary more.
edit:  All that delicious buffet style food and York can't have any ;_;

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Posted By jacksukeru

Bad experiences have kept me from reading the ER comments up til now, turns out it's just as bad as always. gonna go back to not reading them, that just works out so much better.

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Posted By SpunkyHePanda

Wow, Heavy Rain spoiler? Great.

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Only in deadly premonition, would worms cost you 20 bucks apiece.

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Posted By SuperKcross

Fishing made this episode worth it

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@TadThuggish said:

" RYAN, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK "BACK" MEANS  HOW DOES IT TAKE YOU THAT LONG, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO QUESTION IT  Seriously, their incompetence with this game and its relatively simple mechanics makes me really question if they should be professionally reviewing other games. "

I have to imagine they're only this bad because it's supposedly tougher to play a game on camera. I was a little floored a few times by how much they didn't understand or were missing about the game, too.  
You check the item box and try to take out something you need. You're unable to because your inventory is full, so whaddya do? Why, scrap the whole process, of course! Ignore your measly full inventory and that item you said you needed! Wtf? Video Game Inventory Management 101, right? That shit was in Pokemon.  
Also, I loved the happy ending.
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Posted By Tryptophan

I can't believe how compelled I am to watch this every day.
I must be going a little crazy, right Diane?
C'mon! the bees are flies, you need to change your clothes, like in GTA:SA
I cannot totally deny that I will not be picking this game up.
The fact that this game gives you a huge amount of time to get to an unavoidable game event, and THEN closes down the whole town because of rain, is ultra Lame-o!

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Posted By ashogo

I found it hilarious that they were standing in a room full of food but couldn't eat any of it, even as they were slowly dying. This game really is twisted.

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Posted By Tordah

Haha, they finally figured out how to run through the doors.

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Posted By mano521

"You sure were going the right way?" 
*immediately stops and pulls up map* 
I love these Endurance Runs

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Posted By Korne

I am sorry, but you guys are not very good at this game. I understand no knowing what the bees mean, but you are missing some easy gameplay mechanics that without make the game tedious. Brad is is really indecisive, and hesitates when doing anything... it is driving me nuts. When your life is going down because you are hungry and you have food in your inventory, don't go searching for food without eating something small first!
Also, pick up the character cards, I'm sure they will make your life a lot easier in the future (plus you get a lot of money for them).
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Posted By TheRemix

Some advice, not that it's needed, but at the start of a new day, go have breakfast at the Sheriff's station before starting on your quest.  You get to hear York blabber on about whatever, and you get stuffed in the process.  Good times.  :)

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Posted By firehawk12

Stinky Agent!!!!
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Posted By Milkman

Oh man, the fishing is so good.

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Posted By Jayzilla

most boring game ever.

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That "Stinky Agent Penalty" was for not changing clothes often enough.  Suits have their own dirtiness stat that can be fixed by cleaning.
Also, the notepad symbol means there's a sidemission available.

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Posted By s10129107

The pacing in this game is incredible.  Kill zombies for way too long and then do nothing for a solid hour +.  They should at least have it not be raining if there is absolutely nothing to do.

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Posted By JohnPastor

"Whence" means, literally, "from where", so "from whence" is repetitive and wrong.
Also I enjoy your videos.  But the whence thing... that's important.

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Posted By coldblood

Bees?!?!?!?  Hahahaha

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Posted By hrichter1

I've been loving these runs but this episode was incredibly boring. Without the bizarre cut-scenes there just isn't enough funny shit to riff on and the driving/running around is terrible, especially with Captain 'Is it this way or that way, oh damn went the wrong way, check the map' at the helm.

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Posted By riffingt0n

I was feeling the whole  "Playing games so you don't have to" on this one.  Budget schmudget.  There are so many obviously bad things that the tiniest bit of playtesting would have made so much more bearable. So many obscure game systems.  
Like the loading screens that show you an item.  Why?  The items are at least documented.  Maybe throwing up some hints on the gameplay systems (like the flies) and make those all-too-often loading screens at least somewhat illuminating.  Adding a note about the cigarettes, heart rate, the fact that you can move with a melee weapon - there's a host of unintuitive crap in there they could have put as gameplay tips on those loadings screens.
The quirkyness is growing on me, but man I'd never be able to make it through the 'game' part of it to get to it if it was me.

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Posted By Phished0ne
@ashogo said:
" Only in deadly premonition, would worms cost you 20 bucks apiece. "
Get it right, thats 20 bucks for SIX! 
also, George Woodman lives on Lumber Street...*rolls eyes*
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Posted By ch3burashka

Me: Done and done.