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I'm actually looking forward to Monday now. Bring on the Yukiko saving. I saw someone fighting her persona...she's a tough one to beat.

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I know you've already filmed this episode, but good luck. you're gonna need it!

big money, big prizes, I love it!

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Oh, I found the page. But I did not found the video.


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What is the criterion, guys?  Just play until you can't stand it?  Could you stand starting over?  I don't know how certain the outcome final battle is, but from everyone spelling doom on this site, I wonder how you all could endure tanking. :)

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I'm sold.  Soon as I've got cash to burn, I'm buying this.

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great video

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Use more save slots!  You might need to backtrack at some point!

I think tomorrow is your last day before Yukiko ends up dangling from a TV antenna, so even if you die a horrible death when you fight the boss now (likely), you still will have an after school period to stock up on supplies (just reload after your demise, Goho-M and come back tomorrow)...good luck and God's speed, Vinny.

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Dude, yes.

These videos have convinced me to buy the game, and it comes out this Friday in the UK, perfect timing!

Keep it up guys, and Vinny, go back home and get your health back, buy a few more items and skip to Lvl 17, kill a few dudes and pray you beat Yukiko.

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You guys need to realize that you aren't at a high enough level to be avoiding fights. You're not doing yourself any favors by running away from enemies just to progress to the top of the castle, especially when the enemies still catch you, and then you lose unnecessary HP because you gave the enemy the advantage.

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Another great one guys. Go all the way.

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just beat yukkiko shadow yesterday. what a miserable fight... i was way too under lvl'd and didn't have any days left so it took like 5 attempts and wayy too much time.

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If you guys don't win Yukkio will die. And so will I.
Also the next 3 people that reply.

No pressure though.

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haha great video

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Keep em going dudes! For resistance stuff, don't forget it is linked to your Persona's. So if you change Personas you change your resistance and weakness.

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You should use your peach seeds, not his heal spell!

EDIT: I dont wanna die!

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Open the door, open the door, open the door ... damn it :D

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you guys need to level up lol.

you will get OWNED by the bossed in there with your current level and personas. you need some good fire-resisting personas and the Red Wall ability.
Also, Media would be great to have, so you can heal everybody for 50 hp at once.

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The save point has a Goho-M function, so keep those items for later. Also, that Combat Dress you picked up for Chie is going to help more than you know!

One more day should be enough time to save her. Shadow Yukiko is not too difficult with some planning and fusion. Good luck!

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good stuff :D

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dodge ice doesn't work when you change personas from the one that has it

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What's behind the door?

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This is getting intense man!

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If it was just open the door and fight it would be worth it, but its open the door 10 minutes of dialog then fight.  Repeating all the dilog after you die is no fun.  Go back from the save point, fuse new persona (yours are way underleveled for this part) , go back to level 8, use up your SP items and fight on LVl 7 until you have no SP left.  You need 2-3 more levels.  Red Wall would be nice but its a pain to use slime to get it and if you have Chie gaurd a lot during the next battle you can avoid having to have it assuming you get media (fusing a Valkyrie should get you the skill plus Bufu to help in the next batttle).  If you still aren't at level 15 when your SP runs out,  go home.  The next day sell your stuff, get soem new equipment, stock up on sodas and go back to lvl 7 to get to lvl 15.

Use Hysterical Slap, Skull Cracker and Arm Chopper when you get it.  Healing with peach seeds is a cheap way to do some serious damage.
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Looking forward to the boss fight.Wish you luck there

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I was laughing at how Vinny was trying to hard to avoid the enemy behind that door. dammit! I really wanted the episode to be 40 minutes ^_^

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Does anyone find themselves mentally yelling at the screen?

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Woot!!! Anticipation!!!

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Great episode guys, keep it up!

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Every time I see Orobos in that stance when he attacks, all I can hear in my head is "I wanna rock!". I cannot help but think he's a Twisted Sister...

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Man, all of the guys who are really harping on how they're playing, are you watching with the sound off? The guys are very self-aware that they're probably gonna be vastly underleveled to fight Yukiko. But hell, if they're having a good time, and people are enjoying watching it, then that's all that matters, isn't it? =)

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Maybe go sell some stuff and see if you can buy some new gear or potions.

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Well, except when they tried to get cute and run from enemies, I thought they did okay this time.  And grinding enemies is much easier when you already learned their weaknesses, so if they wanted another level or two, they probably could do so without much trouble at this point.  They might be okay after all.

Mind you, one reason I thought they were doomed was I forgot the 11-floor dungeons start the next time.  I thought they still had like six floors to deal with.  Whoops!

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Ok chances are that you'll die to Yukiko's shadow , which is MUCH harder than the avenger knight mini-boss ...However you might have a sliiight chance as long as you grind lvl 7 and 8 until all your SP is out. Also Jeff: Next time Vinny insist on wasting precious SP dia'ing everyone all the time, please stop the guy. Use your items instead. SP is by far the most important ressource in this game, more so than money, items and even HP in a lot of cases.
You need to get slime back ( You might have to backtrack down some floors in order for it to be offered to you at the end of a battle ) and have it equipped at the end of EVERY battle to lvl it up to where it get's red wall, as previously stated. Only way to protect Chie in the upcoming boss battle, since her persona is weak to fire and the boss has some NAASTY fire spells. ALSO during this slime-leveling run remember to keep going, using all your TaP soda to be able to grind until youre absolutely out of SP. Then save, jump out and stock up on heals, TaP ( Also check metalworks for any fire resisting accessories for chie ) and head to velvet room to try and fuse senri
senri, which gets the very useful 'media' skill, however I cant recall at which lvl. Check that out in the velvet room, making sure that red wall is inherited. Rest, pray and head into TV world to kick some Yukiko ass.
This is not going to be pretty, but it could work out.
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You guys should probably try to combine some cards out instead of chucking old ones, maybe explore the rest of the prior level just to see if you can't get items...  and then...

I don't know, since I've never played.  Level until you get Megid and stock up on Star Mist and Moon Dew?

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watching people play a game badly is painful...
and vinny, there are three bosses behind that door.

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We gave you a lot of tips in the comments of the last video about how to defeat Shadow Yukiko.
(I know you haven't gotten a chance to apply them for this video since it was previously recorded)

Some other tips:
- When you get new equipment, always hit the [square] button so that you can see if it has any special effects, like resistance increase or stat changes.
- Like Jeff was saying, you'll never win the battle if you don't use any offense. That's not to say to go completely balls-out, but use your judgment. Healing will go much smoother if you get rid of some enemies first. In fact, healing is ideally done after the battle, as to save turns.
- You should use all the SP you have left to fight some regular shadows for today, and then use the save point to return home and heal. On the next day, use a little SP (not too much) to fight some more shadows on the 7th floor. You don't have to be completely full SP for the boss; SP is not the limiting factor, HP is.

And Jeff,
it might seem like there's just a whole bunch to think about, but for fans of RPGs like this, that just adds depth.
The thing that keeps it from being stressful and negative is that all the activities in the game contribute to a single element: the dungeon-crawling/combat. Social Links grant (huge) EXP bonuses for fusions, fusions create stronger Personas, Knowledge/Courage/etc. are required for some Social Links, and other activities give items. It becomes second nature with a little time, and you'll find days going by much quicker.
But yes, the camera is less than ideal.

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looks like part 22 is going to be the last part
god i hope not...

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Really hope they don't stop the run if they fail at Yukikos fight the 1st time.  This feature has been really enjoyable so far ( Even though it's hard not to get frustrated with all the mistakes that's being made. Like sacking slime, after people numerous times have made comments here on slime having one of the most important spells to beating Yukikos shadow ( 'Red wall' ).But hey, since it's your first playthrough it's fair enough of course :-). Still the most anticipated feature for me on this site....Rock on

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I'm surprised you guys made it up to the boss floor. :)

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these videos are awesome but I'd love to see you guys do a different game

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I really enjoy watching these videos and I have no earthly Idea why.

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Things that have to be realized: This is not Pokemon. I wish it was- or at least that the weakness system was more predictable- but it isn't. Finding weaknesses is basically process of elimination- with a few patterns showing up with specific monster types- recognizable by their models. These models often have nothing to do with predicting what the actual weakness is- but what it isn't. The game also likes to trick you- with a bait and switch of obvious weaknesses.

Also- when there are 3+ Penalty Cards- and only 1 Persona Card- and your almost out of time/resources- Look away from the cards.

In regards to what to do right now- You could always try both- go in now- and if you die- then you know you need to go out and wait until the next day. If that doesn't work- reload again- and instead of leaving- backtrack down the stairs- grind until your basically dead- and then jump/go back up and leave the building- at a higher level- more able to complete the dungeon. If that doesn't work- you'll probably have to go and have Igor send you back through time /sigh.

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i think this boss is gonna totally wreak these guys world.... i hope they stick with it.

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The best thing to do is get chie's persona to level 14 so you have mabufu aka ice hits everyone. so i would go downstairs grind a bit and go back up and use the save point to teleport out to the main area.

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also since you have no real fire pro for chie yet i suggest just letting her die mid fight so you stop shadow from hitting you twice in a row every time

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Horseface Killa

Best thing ever.

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Man I really love this feature!

BUT Guys get a clue, I haven't played a Persona game before, but it doesn't seem like one of the easiest games so you should kill more enemies, not run away from them PLEASE!

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Amazing series, but I'm pretty sure that things will end badly for our beloved investigation squad.