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Still not sure if we should be calling them current consoles still, but with not much noteworthy crap on PS4/Xbone I could lean towards either. I might still play the borderlands pre-sequal but I will most likely pass on this.

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They gave the game the "teen sheen". What a train wreck. It's the bastard child of Borderlands and Dead Rising. Kill it now!

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For someone who's losing his damn mind, his hair gel technique is superb.

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Let me enter snarky and presumptuous mode here so I can be a pro. "Wow, good job. Slapping filters on old assets and geometry. Well done. Such an interesting and nuanced character too I'm sure. I always wondered how a 30 year old white man with short hair and 5-o-clock shadow would tackle a zombie situation. Can't wait to see how this plays out."

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How has there now been 5 dead Island games in development?! HUH

art style was okay though.

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Ah shit, someone's making a game for the PS2?

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Huh. I kinda like that cartoonish art style.

Same here. Sometimes shaking up the look of a franchise can help revitalize it. Who knows?

I'll at least give this a go and decide for myself once it's out.

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This looks like XIII meets Dead Island. I'm kind of there. It'll be hated, though.

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@odie_esty said:

Wait what? There's another dead island game? That isn't dead island 2?

Your comment has just made me realize that Dead Island 2 will actually be the fifth Dead Island game, which is a bit odd, even for the gaming industry.

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Huh. I kinda like that cartoonish art style. Not a big fan of stealth games.

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Needs more trucks!

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This is the kind of game that comes out in the late stages of a console's life and sells at a discounted price. I'm gonna guess $39.99.

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Wait what? There's another dead island game? That isn't dead island 2?

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This game looks like Borderlands with zombies. Might be okay, if the writing isn't as abysmal and in your face as that games.

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Woops, thought this was a second trailer for Dead Island 2 at first. That would've been quite something...

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Zombie game where you play as a photographer? Never heard that one before.

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@lowestformofwit: Tonally and visually Dying Light and Dead Island 2 actually look to be pretty distinctive from one another. Plus, Dead Island 2 will retain the analogue combat, whereas Dying Light won't. And of course Dying Light's focus seems to be more squarely on the parkour stuff and constantly being on the move, whereas Dead Island 2 looks to be more Dead Island, just much, much prettier and more stupid.

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yuck! they made it look like borderlands...

Also if you make your dead island game NOT combat focused you already failed

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I think they are beginning to oversaturate the market with Dead Island games.

I still don't really understand the difference between Dead Island 2 and Dying Light and how Riptide seems to have not been Dead Island 2 after all. I certainly don't need a third to make things even more confusing.

It's beginning to feel like Guitar Hero all over again.

Still, Dying Light looks to be fun. Looking forward to that next year.

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Oh also this looks like a PS2 game or something. Jesus!!!!!!

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The sequel is ALSO coming to PC.

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My. This does not look very good visually.

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I actually think Dead Island 2 looks surprisingly cool, this... not so much.