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Sleepy Dogs?!

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I bought the Sleeping Dogs remaster this January and man, that game still holds up.

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Damn...five years. Still miss you, Ryan!

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Ryan. Fucking. Davis.

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More footage of Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs. Our prayers have been answered.

(Everything else they played is pretty great too!)

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Fuck, Ryan Davis.

Thanks for this stream GBeast peeps!

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Ryan ruled.

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"Cool, I can just keep this playing in a tab in the background as I do real work."

<hears "Pac-Man: CE DX" and its god-like soundtrack>

"Whelp, work's canceled."

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To the Taswell who tassed the wellest

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I'm in.

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Love Ryan Davis!

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Nice job with this one guys!

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I'm so happy they did this. Thanks GBeasters.

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Ryan Davis and Katamari Damacy style, absorb mechanics made me think of this fairly classic Vinny and Ryan quicklook for the game Tales from Space: About a Blob. Well worth a rewatch for its co-op shenanigans!

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<3 RD

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Still think of you all the time best duder.

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Vinny and Alex’s “Ryan streams” are some of the best things done in remembrance of Ryan, and you can tell it’s cathartic for them as well. Rest easy, Taswell.

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I’ll sometimes go down a YouTube rabbit hole of old bombcast moments. My favorite ones are always with Ryan. What an amazing human being he was, and I didn’t even know him!

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Rest in Peace Ryan

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Thank you for the lovely stream, everyone. ❤ Ryan Davis

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I wanna see Abby play Jeff G. in MPE

God damn I forgot how great the Katamari soundtrack is!

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<>, this was nice and heartwarming, really glad we got a full on tribute stream this year

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Slllllllllleeepy DAWGS!

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Fuck, Ryan Davis.


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Ryan will always be irreplaceable but I can't help but think he'd be really proud of where the site is now. It's an eternal shame we'll never get to see him riff with folks like Austin, Abby and Jan, though, because I bet they would've gotten on like a house on fire.

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Miss Ryan muchly. He was good people.

@poobumbutt said:

Fuck, Ryan Davis.



Also holy shit that Money Puzzle Exchanger music is banging.

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Alex: "Just stay alive!"

Abby: "I REFUSE!"

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Love Ryan Davis <3>

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Sleeping Dogs, the best GTA game.

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We miss ya, Roper. Thanks for this, Vinny.

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I haven't changed my icon since I heard the news...Love ya Ryan.

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China don't care!

We miss ya, Ryan.

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I almost fell apart when they mentioned Ryan in the beginning. Totally took me by surprise. Fuck man. We miss you, Ryan.

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uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.

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Fuckin love you Ryan Davis o7


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Love Ryan Davis <3

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Abby's opinions in this one really cut to my core.

Championing non realistic games while ripping on cartoons (Specifically the graphics of World of Warcraft, the game I am playing while I watch)

Digging her heals in on Legos. I don't get pedantic about it, I get people say it differently based on the way they grew up. It doesn't have any baring on how much of a fan you are (not that that matters anyway). But it still hurts when I hear it.

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Miss you, Ryan! Always will! o7 <> etc!

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LOVE Ryan Davis.

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Five years, crazy. RIP Ryan