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can't wait to see what the background of TNT will be.

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If the Mario Party 9 TNT is even half as good as the Fortune Street one I'll be happy.

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Posted By Shun_Akiyama

ooh man it'll be like the fortune street TNT again, I can't wait!!

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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:

Putting that green screen to good use!

I wouldn't expect anything less than top notch production value and serious game coverage from our friends at GiantBomb dot com

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Holy shit they have a huuuuge space! Can't wait for all the crazy dumb shit to come! xD

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sweeeet! so much green!

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@Krummey said:

Ryan sounds nervous. Like he was afraid of upsetting his new corporate overlords. Hmm...


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Yes Mario Party 9 TNT!

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That is a crazy green screen. Looking forward to this week.

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@Krummey said:

Ryan sounds nervous. Like he was afraid of upsetting his new corporate overlords. Hmm...

Reading into things kill kittens and puppies.

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I, for one, repudiate the existence of Mondays. Have you ever seen a Monday? Checkmate, Mondaythiests.

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Posted By CitizenJP

Muthafuckin Mario Party.

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What's this? Mondays continue to exist after the dust settles? FAITH RESTORED!

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Finally. Monday is officially here guys.

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Green is Ryan's power color.

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Blast, i'll be out this thursday when TNT happens... hmm... what to do, what to do...

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Ryan's famous boneless hand.

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Posted By LiquidPrince

A Wii TNT?

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@Animasta said:

@Ramone said:

@Krummey said:

Ryan sounds nervous. Like he was afraid of upsetting his new corporate overlords. Hmm...

What the fuck are you even talking about?

the illuminati; lizard people ya know. they get real upset when things dont go on schedule.

If you look real close you can see a man with a gun in the reflection in Ryan's eyes.

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Waiting for this all day, holy crap that green room looks like a MVC3 stage

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I suspect good things will happen with Mario Party TNT

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My life was dark and scary without I Love Mondays!

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@DJJoeJoe said:

@Dain22: Huh... I guess I am bored enough to at least try and do something like that. Problem is I'd have no idea what to put behind there.

put a blue screen in place of the green screen!

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Posted By EXTomar

Friendships can be destroyed playing Mario Party. Beware TNT...

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Did Giantbomb get the Tricaster in the divorce? Will there be the proper amount of Tricaster shenanigans during the TNT?

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No Silent Hill? Oh well.

Good luck in your new space, guys!

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@LiquidPrince said:

A Wii TNT?


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Posted By Peanut

So excited for TNT. The Fortune Street TNT was among the greatest ever, so I'm sure a game with the same basic board game fundamentals and crazy mini-games will be a ton of fun.

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Late mondays are my favorite mondays

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Today is the first Monday of the rest of our lives...

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i miss whiskey so much i wanna cry

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Dude! That closeup was so close I had to back away.

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"...the triumphant return of tnt"


"featuring mario party 9"

oh. Well I'm just watching then...

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No new Jane's?

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Christ, they didn't oversell it when they said that GameSpot had a giant greenscreen. Heck, it's a giant greenroom!

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I am pro Mario Party TNT.

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Mario Party for TNT president

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MARY PARTY 9 FUCK YEAH!!! Not going to beat Fortune Street TNT, that was amazing

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@mlarrabee said:

That room looks very warm.

Ryan can make any room look warm, if that room has enough spotlights.

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No one man should have all that green screen.

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No one man should have all that greenscreen.

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Mario Party TNT could be tremendous!

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Well let`s start to Party *starting Dance*

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No Silent Hill (HD or Downpour) or Armored Core V stuff? :(

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Rayman 3, underrated classic