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Sine Mora is a horizontal shoot 'em up with high emphasis on the plot-side co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. It was released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. A Playstation Vita version has been announced with Border Down developer G.rev in charge of porting the game. The Vita version will also include a new character, a new special weapon, and new chronomes. A Playstation 3 version has also been announced now that Microsoft Studios' exclusivity rights expired.

The game will feature "unique time manipulation mechanics", classic shooting influenced by R-Type and Einhänder, and a dieselpunk art style inspired by Battle Garegga, Porco Rosso and Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise. Sine Mora is Latin for "without delay".

The soundtrack is composed by Akira Yamaoka and featuring boss designs by Mahiro Maeda.

Sine Mora EX

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On March 3, 2017, THQ Nordic unveiled Sine Mora EX, an extended version of Sine Mora for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game was a surprise announcement to debut in PAX East 2017. It was released on August 8, 2017 and the Nintendo Switch version released on September 26, 2017 in North America and October 10, 2017 in Europe.

The EX version of Sine Mora introduces two-player local co-op in Story mode, new competitive modes, new challenge levels, full English voice overs, support for 16:9 aspect ratios (instead of 16:10 which is still an option), and the ability to run in 4K resolutions at up to 60fps in PS4 Pro and some PCs.


The game features three ships, seven pilots (each tied to a specific sub-weapon) and three time manipulation devices for players to choose from. Instead of traditional lives, survival is tied to a timer that constantly counts down. Killing enemies adds time, while getting hit subtracts it. When the timer reaches 0 the player loses.

The player ship has a primary weapon that can be upgraded through ten levels. There are also be two shields, a red and a blue, temporarily protecting the ship from bullets of their respective colors. A meter restricts the player's time manipulation powers, and can be refilled by picking up certain items.

The game has seven stages, thirteen boss fights and four modes; Story, Arcade, Score Attack and Boss Training, each featuring a variety of difficulty settings as well as a complex rank system that further modifies the level of challenge.


Stage I - Moneta Point

Stage II - Bokumono

Stage III - Aiborg Factory

Stage IV - Cardinal Canyon

Stage V - Mirage Mountain

Stage VI - Tira

Stage VII - Siriad


Argus Pytel

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Blood type: AB

Age: 37 circles

Sub-weapon: Seeker Missiles

A high ranking officer of the Layil Empire. Profiler for the Imperial Intelligence. A conservative gentlemen as well as a solid fighter pilot.

Akyta Dryad

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Blood type: B

Age: 26 circles

Sub-weapon: Azimuth Battery

A young female Enkie and leader of a resistance cell. Her job before the war was a paleoseismologist, she is a now a fugitive on the run, hunted by several legendary Collaborationist headhunters and being monitored by Imperial Intelligence.


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Blood type: AB

Age: 32 circles

Sub-weapon: OA-62-Sonic Sword

Aristoratic female Enkie. as a noble she only goes by one name as nobles are unique on Seol. She clings to the upper-class idea that the world belongs to the controllers, not the commoners. Very elegant with high-born style and manners.

Lynthe Ytoo

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Blood type: A

Age: 26 circles

Sub-weapon: Zebaoth Driller

Collaborationist captain, serving the 11th Squadron of the Imperial Air Force. He joined Akyta Dyrad's resistance group after getting injured and left behind during an armed conflict with the Enkies.

Ronotra Koss

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Blood type: B

Age: 55 circles

Sub-weapon: Punk Spirit

Middle-aged male and one of the few aces of the Empire. After losing his leg in an accident he became completely disillusioned and a drinker.

Myryan Magusa

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Blood type: O

Age: 33 circles

Sub-weapon: Gemini Drone

A young, beautiful pilot and repair-women. She had cancer of the larynx as a young girl and has to use a voice box. Her nation was assimilated by the Layil Empire long age, but with a counterfeit ID she's now a citizen of the Empire.

Garai 74/22876

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Octane rating: 90

Age: 2 circles

Sub-weapon: A-B-C Cluster Bomb

AiBot ordered for the Imperial Guard's Elite Squadron in the Tira administrative region. Garai was manufactured on the moon Mawu and stolen, then reprogrammed by Ronotra Koss.


Merenstein VI

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Its body is adorned with "classic black-red Eternal War colours" and a golden rose decal on its wing. A large turret rests atop the Merenstein VI's cockpit.

BS4-VR Soprano

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The BS4-VR SOPRANO is one of the most expensive fighters ever built on Seol. Its construction is manly of carbon fiber, with a very limited production run - only 210 Sopranos had been built, including 10 special editions exclusively for the Imperial Intelligence.

GE-22 Liberator

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Mass-manufactured by the Gorman-Eysler Company, the Liberator was flown by several top-scoring aces of the Empire. Originally conceived as an interceptor, later it was used more widely, most notably as a bomber escort aircraft.


Time ExtendGives you extra time, activates upon death.Purple
Score BonusCollect these for a bonus chain.Varies
Sub-WeaponReplenishes sub-weapon stock.Green
CapsuleReplenishes capsule gauge.Dark Blue
TimeAdds additional seconds to the clockOrange
ShieldGives your ship a shield, activates upon hit.Light Blue
FirepowerPrimary weapon upgrade.Red


Sine Mora was announced on August 19th by Goichi Suda at Gamescom 2010, though he's not actively involved in the project himself. Grasshopper Manufacture will provide art direction, music and sound effects, while Digital Reality will take care of game mechanics. The development team's primary aspiration is to make the game accessible to newcomers while simultaneously giving it enough depth to justify the recording of a superplay DVD.


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