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Review: Sine Mora (Xbox Live Arcade) 2

The dual developed Sine Mora puts you in the cockpit as an anthropomorphic ace pilot fighting droves of enemies.Sine Mora is an interesting albatross of a video game, a joint development between the Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture and Hungary's own Digital Reality. This shoot-em up sneaks into the foray with some gorgeous visuals for an Xbox live arcade title, as well as classic top-down shooting action. In Sine Mora's story mode you're tasked to play through a series of levels as variou...

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Sine Mora: ...What? 0

Sine Mora first sprung to my attention from its association with Grasshopper, of whom I grew especially fond of during the period of No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned being some of the best games to bring back the old-school, insane-yet-fun culture that game’s were originally built around.I can honestly say that the only reason I even gave this game a second glance was because of this association, as you’ll soon find out, it is one of the most incomprehensible, unnecessarily dark and aggr...

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Sine Mora puts great gameplay and nice looks in a shoot-em-up 0

Even though I’m not the greatest at playing shoot-em-ups, I find the genre’s gameplay thoroughly stimulating. I love the challenge they bring to me as a gamer, testing my skill to the limits of what my eyes and fingers can keep up with. Beyond a few massive titles, the genre never really sold when put in stores as a disc product. Yet with gamers having easy access toPSN and Xbox Live Arcade, the genre has found a place to sell itself. A wave of solid titles hit over the years, including the like...

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Sine Mora Review 0

The studio behind the controversial designer of games such as Goichi Suda and Digital Reality has given us Sine Mora, an arcade style shooter with some unique mechanics that make it truly worth playing.So how can I describe Sine Mora? In nut shell, it is an arcade style side scrolling shoot em up mixed in with some japanese style. Although you wouldn't even guess that the game was japanese considering that the characters in the game all speak Hungarian. To my knowledge this is the first XBLA gam...

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Worth every cent 0

I wrote as a comment on Brad's review of the game that I was happy with the $15 I had spent on the game, and that it warranted at least a 4/5. That was about at about 5 hours of game time. I'm almost three times that deep into it now and I can fully reiterate that sentiment.The game is absolutely gorgeous and I really find myself just stopping at staring at some of the environments (much to my detriment on some of the harder difficulties). The story is incredibly intriguing and dark as hell, whi...

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