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Mondays! And the rest of the week? Damn, I miss that song.

Also, my fucking steam crashed while watching this I love mondays. Weird...

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Hello Drew!

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Living the dream with "I LOVE MONDAYS"!!!!

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Drew's a Monday person.

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Hi Drew!!

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Monday is my only day off.

I love Mondays.

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Another nothing week? Yay end of the year.

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Sup, Drew.

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So is there a podcast this week or what?

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Random pc game this week ???

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I LOVE I Love Mondays

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Wait, I can dig deeper into Drew?

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Man there is a pile of games a mile high they've mentioned in past ILM's that still haven't gone up or been mentioned again. Where is my Fly'n QL? I want to know about that game but from them! Honestly I wish they would skip TNT this week to focus on catching up on older QL's instead.

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How was it? HMM? x3

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looking forward to Planetside 2 quicklook from Jeff

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Hi Drew! Hi! Hello! Bonjour! Hola!

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crap, I need to finish watching the P4 endurance run I'm at like ep 103, I wanted to finish before they do a quick look of Persona 4: golden but I don't think it's physically possible to watch the rest, unless I watch like 3 at the same time. I haven't watched a episode in 3 months.


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I agree with Vinny that they should so a quick look of Persona 4 every day...forever. Oh, and is there going to be a podcast this week?

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I hope they do a podcast this week. Podcasts are the best.

Also thank god Ryan finally got his hands on sonic all stars racing transformed. It's a pretty cool game.

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@nohthink said:


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@giant_frying_pan said:

Hello Drew!

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what about Miner Wars 2081?

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Looking forward to a Persona 4 quick look...I feel like nothing will happen...just one hour-long cutscene!

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Would love to see some of the more popular stuff from steam greenlight if possible =D

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Nice Gore/Lieberman bumper sticker, lol

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@SharkMan said:

what about Miner Wars 2081?

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Want that Tropico bobblehead.

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When did they get that framed picture of Lee and Clementine?

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Is there gonna be a podcast this week? They said it but it sounded sarcastic so I'm not sure.

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When Patrick said he was going to quick look 999 some time ago I did wonder how to make a quick look of that game. It would be hard if not impossible to show in a small video how that game/visual-novel is just freaking amazing.

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I don't know about this Monday thing, but Tuesdays are pretty alright.

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This seems like a dull week. Can I still love Mondays?

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Drew! - In the form of Cheers "Norm!" Voices

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With 999, I guess they could just have someone else play the opening puzzle with Patrick explaining the game. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

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Hmm, a Quick Look everyday of Persona 4 Golden.... that would sure take a lot of endurance!

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Dick All is finally coming out?

Aw man, the video cut right before Ryan did the jerk off motion.

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Am I the only one that still wants to watch Brad suffer through quick looking Never Dead?

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No looking at the ceiling to end the video? They're really cutting corners now.

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But will there be a podcast???!!!

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I love you too, Drew!

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This just reminded me that there's no online "co-op" in "N"SMBU. Goddamn it if that wouldn't be the best thing ever!

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Is Brad's beard an indication of him going over the edge, like Walter in Breaking Bad?

...Does this mean I can call him Heisenbrad from now on?

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Maybe I missed it, but will there be a podcast this week?

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I want that walking dead poster