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A remake of Pokemon Snap for the Wii U would be perfect. Using the controller for a camera.

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I would buy a Wii U for a new Pokemon Snap. Also, this was a great fuckin' premium stream.

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I cant imagine how many people must have been yelling at their computer this whole cast... hahaha

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X/Y polygonal pokemon looks so much better than this

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This is a fantastic feature. I wasn't expecting the amount of enthusiasm that was shown for pokemans :D

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Found this video on my phone and decided to finish watching it here. This was some good premium content!

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how is there no 3ds pokemon snap?

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It's been ages since this video was posted but suddenly I feel the need to respond to something they mentioned in here: Unironically this is a great game, and better than Super Mario Sunshine. 8/10 is an appropriate score.

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They say theyre gonna look at otha games at the end of the video?

Wheres the clips of that?

Cant seem to find anymore N64 stuff? Someone direct me to links?

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Need a remake on the Wii U!

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I love how Pokemon games on the N64 are probably the best and have aged the best of every game on the system. So good.

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I want another stream! I want to see the final level!

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Example A of how Subscriber videos can be far more humorous and engaging than standard output, in my opinion. This video alone was worth my $5.

*Slowpoke is repeatedly hit by apple-shaped Pokémon food* "SLOWPOKE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" Haha!

Ryan and Patrick made a great team in this one. Top stuff. Putting my vote in for part 2, or at least a small wrap-up segment.

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ryan as the pedophile pikachu on fire is hilarious

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loved this. LOL i kinda want them to finish this.

damn i love the original 151.

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Worth premium membership alone, good show gentlemen.

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Prof. Oak is a size queen.

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"Hey, what's up, i'm just a Bulbasaur chillin' with my other Bulbasaur homies- PSYCH! WE'RE JUST A BUNCHA DITTOS BUT YOU NEVER FIGURED THAT OUT. WHAT'S UP?

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Mega props on the N64 coverage, and the pokemon snap love. Do you guys like puzzle league?

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Excellent (terrifying) work by Vinny on the TriCaster on this one.

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Save it just like that...
Save it just like that...
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Those are ditto, not bulbasaur! It's all in the eyes!

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God it sucks not watching this live. Im sitting here yelling "FUCKING HIT A MAGIKARP INTO THE WATERFALL! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!"

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Fuck me, the Slowpoke-Psyduck talk was this year's best fucking moment.

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@Blitz_Kill said:

Just think.... WiiU tablet with a back-facing camera... point it at your tv and take the pics of the pokemon. The tablet also doubles as the photo album.....

Shut up, it's a good idea, therefore we won't see it.

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goddamn you vinny

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Just think.... WiiU tablet with a back-facing camera... point it at your tv and take the pics of the pokemon. The tablet also doubles as the photo album.....

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This game was great. They totally do need to make another one.

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Shame we didn't get to see Charizard.

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God damn do I love me some Pokemon Snap

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@csl316 said:


There was a lot of chat rage in this one. I feel bad for people who didn't see it live, it was kind of hilarious.

What's I miss, what'd I miss??


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@PeZ said:

Is it just me, or does Professor Oak sound kinda like Jeff Green?

Dude, he kind of looks like Jeff Green too..

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I loved being in the chat during this. Participating in the rage about 'HITTING THE CHARMELEON INTO THE VOLCANO!' and 'YO THOSE AINT BULBASAUR'. I did hope to see some Blast Corps, but there's always next time, I suppose.

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Pokemon Snap 2. Partnered with Tumblr and Instagram.

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F*** Oak

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Wait, this over 2 hours? What?

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Is it just me, or does Professor Oak sound kinda like Jeff Green?

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We need more of this! Breaking Pokemon! Endurance Snap! This was a lot of fun. :)

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So much nostalgia. I remember really enjoying and being extremely bad at this game.

Kinda sad to have missed the chat.

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Really enjoyed this! Good times. Props to Vinny for getting super creative with the additional art.

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@allodude said:

Aw snap!

I see what you did there

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Rule of thirds yo.

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@Blackout62 said:

It is amazing in retrospect how much this game teaches you about basic photography. Damnit

Jeff you just sold me on the Wii U.

You mean how little, right?

Any basic photography course would teach you that centering the subject is actually very poor composition, as Ryan stated near the beginning. I'd really dig it if they made a sequel that actually taught people how to properly frame a photograph (so, centered images would be worth less). There's definitely a chance, with building off of Snap's base, to make a more advanced and accurate photography game without losing simple, fun appeal of the original.

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This was an amazing show.

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I think it was an old Bombcast e-mail that posed the philosophical quandary of the ages:

Do pokemon say their names, or are they named after what they say?

@2:10:10 Saurnography.

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Jeff: "Wonderful! Put these socks on. Their black socks, just like daddy wears."

Ryan: "No.. stay away Professor Oak."

Jeff: "Put the socks on!"