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Posted By GaspoweR

Watching Brad not even bother to mark dudes while trying to go through with stealth was kinda painful to watch.

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Posted By Chriz1133

Is anyone else having problems with the videos suddenly becoming all fuzzy if working at all? Cuz it's seriously pissing me off that I can't even watch videos on giant bomb anymore since they've updated the site.

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Posted By Quipido

First minute of this video is pure internet gold.

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Posted By mrasshat

The sun rises in the morning, creatures are born and die, brad is terrible at games, all is as it should be.

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Posted By namesonkel

Oh yes, Vinny, YES.
After they turned Anti Aliasing back on he said it looked less sharp.

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Edited By SSully

Holy Shit I died during Ryan's Jack Trenton impression.

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The graphics are terrible. Hopefully this is playable on the PC.

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Posted By EdoubleZ

How is this on 360?

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Posted By MattGrant

Boring game is boring.

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Posted By warmonked

Brad never wants to try things when playing games.

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@namesonkel said:

Oh yes, Vinny, YES.

After they turned Anti Aliasing back on he said it looked less sharp.


If you think about it, jaggies are the epitome of sharpness. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but in many cases most forms of anti aliasing can actually result in a reduction of overall clarity but fewer jagged edges.

It's something few people realize when everyone goes running to jack up the AA. Most of the time the jaggies are more unsightly than the slight loss in clarity that anti-aliasing might bring to the table though, but as far as actual sharpness goes, it actually does take its toll on texture quality and other things.

If you'd like to know more read this page on the different options available in Battlefield 3.

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Compare these two images which use one of the most common types of AA and you'll see that the textures and such can become quite a bit more blurry, especially if you compare the power line poles and the cluster of geometry on them. Again, it's minor, but it's there. While I'd say it does look nicer with AA, I'm not sure it actually looks sharper with AA.

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Posted By TheCreamFilling

Magazine. NOT A CLIP!

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Posted By samjiman

It's a London accent, Brad.

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Posted By ScreamingFist

meh, gameplay-wise I'm not that impressed =/ o well

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