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Mr N. = Jeff + 200 lbs

(Sorry Jeff but ya gotta admit the similarities with the face and hair)

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Flavor text provided by Kickstarter backers, huh? Anyone else catch the Shenmue II reference?

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FINALLY, Divekick gameplay where the guys don't have to worry about offending Lang. Sometimes... That guy...

Hopefully that came off as sarcastic enough.

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Lang Zone DLC?

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I am so totally jazzed to be able to pick this one up on the 20th. It feels like forever since the kickstarter. Can't wait to get my Dive-Kick on! Fighting games at its most pure, footsies.

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@dcgc said:

10$ is too much for this. If it had more characters (way more) ,different modes (like volleyball in Tekken) and secrets, like in other fighting game, I would buy it.

This feels like the perfect price point for this game. Yeah the roster is small, but considering how differently everyone plays, it's gonna be crazy enough learning all thematchups, and if you have someone local to play with, it's more than worth it. Online wise, if the GGPO holds up, it's gonna be one of the better fighting games to come out in recent memory.

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This is the first time I kinda wish that the game was an ex quick look.

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Mr N. = Jeff + 200 lbs

(Sorry Jeff but ya gotta admit the similarities with the face and hair)

its Marn (you know...MrN). And this is the first time the game actually looks really interesting, I didnt know the chars were so different

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@drekly: iknow how u feel bro! this "game" pisses me of so much! i dont know why you would pay money on this shit!

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Oh I would LOVE to see any of the Giant Bomb crew in this game... also fuck yeah Dive Kick :D

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Mr. N is "Marn" btw, close friend of justin wong, not a bad person irl!!!

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For those that were wondering:

Kenny: Kickstarter character. A dude wanted to have his brother in the game as a memorial since he had recently passed away. Kenny always played the Mokujin character or random selected his character, so they made him pick a random character's traits in the game.

Mr. N: Former fighting game pro Marn. Really shady, everyone made fun of him all the time. Was accused of rigging several brackets, and went on to League of Legends and owns team MRN. Somewhat based on Magneto from Marvel vs. Capcom.

The Baz: Rejected Street Fighter 2 chracter Zubaz. Was unearthed and popularized by let's players Two Best Friends Play in one of their Fighterpedia videos. Zubaz went on to be a character in several of their videos, and they donated to the Kickstarter to have him in the game. Based on Zero from MvC3.

Markman: Mark Julio, former fighting game pro, now community and sponsorship manager at MadCatz. He plays like Phoenix Wright from MvC3. The thing that he's trying to assemble is the "Kickbox", based on the prototype Divekick controllers that Iron Galaxy brought to tournaments and conventions for people to use.

Stream: Stream monsters, the stereotypical troll/fan in Twitch chats. Most of its dialog and moves are named after FGC and Twitch memes.

Jefailey: Alex Jebailey, fighting game pro and organizer of CEO (Community Effort Orlando), a yearly major FGC tournament. Meant to be a joke character (his difficulty in game is listed as "Dan", after the Street Fighter joke character). His outfit is based on the pro-wrestling theme of CEO, where matches take place in a ring and Jebailey wears a championship belt.

Redacted: Wolverine, from MvC3. Was originally named Wolverine, but they changed the name to avoid trouble. A mutant skunkbear (another name for a wolverine IRL). The win pose, where the enemy player is thrown into the air, is based on Wolverine's divekick in MvC3 which bounces the target off the ground.

Dr. Shoals: Based on Dr. Doom from MvC3. Her win pose is a parody of Doom's move "Hidden Missiles" which launches a salvo of homing missiles at the opponent.

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yeaaahhhh.... So complicated.

I feel like this game became the exact thing it was rallying against when it first started.

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More power to you fighting game guys that dig this, but I've got zero interest. I watched for the crew's commentary.

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Select your DUDs

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fuck this game. Seriously!

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What happened to the simple, fun game they were showing off a year ago that anyone could jump into and was all about mind games? The new characters that do all that crazy shit kind of ruin the original point of the game.

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I'm totally down for this game.

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they removed my favorite part of fighting games, accidental combos.

also, i cant ironically like that terrible art, it makes me feel bad

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Man I don't understand half the shit in this game but I think it's fucking awesome that it exists, that marn story is hilarious.

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This seemed a lot funnier while it was in production. Something about this QL really put me off.

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@branthog said:


Ryan actually always seemed like he thought Divekick was a giant piece of shit.

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DIVE KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I saw a lady today that looked like Dave Lang with hair. I was excited more than I should've been.

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This game is so dumb and amazing.

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Seems fun until you try all the characters. I can see this getting boring real fast.

Actually the 35 mintute quick look seemed like an hour.... an hour too long.

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The baz comes from two best friends play.

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This game used to seem dumb in a really great way to me and now it just seems bad.

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@drumpsycho89: You should probably see someone about that, getting pissed seeing a a game you don't like is not normal.

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@drumpsycho89: You should probably see someone about that, getting pissed seeing a game you don't like is not normal.

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!!Fucking Awesome!! This will be a great post pub/Pre Club game with a bunch of mates and booze. Love the speed that your in and out of games and the minimal art style! Top job Iron Galaxy.

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Man, so many people angry/opinionated despite having never actually played the game. I suppose that's a little hypocritical to say since I'm excited and I haven't played the game either, but I can't wait to get my hands on this thing!

Seriously, people who think this is a "30 minute game" or "too complex" (which is funny that both those complaints exist simultaneously) should watch some footage from EVO2013, or even the ESports hours.

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Fighting game of the year!

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Vinny "Just Frames" Caravella

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Marn confirmed villain.

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Yaaaaay FINALLY!

Only 4 more days.

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Am I the only one who thinks Mr. N sort of looks like a more rotund version of Jeff?

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Dave Lang just tweeted that this video is breaking embargo. Whoops.

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Origins of The Baz @3:05

@golguin said:
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The Baz was funded by "Two Best Friends". They also happen to be giant bomb fans. It's kinda weird having the giant bomb crew talk about "The Baz" even though he's in the game.

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Salty bet reference in the thumbnail. Already the best thing I have ever seen.

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Glad to see this game made it to release. Now lets see how well it does.

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This quick look was outside the Lang Zone :(

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Redacted is based off Arthur Gies, right? =P

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What happened to the simple, fun game they were showing off a year ago that anyone could jump into and was all about mind games? The new characters that do all that crazy shit kind of ruin the original point of the game.

How is a fighting game where you only have 4 moves to complex?

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Fraud Alert Waning!

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I was on board until I saw the "yolo" gems.

I'd argue that "YOLO" is acceptable for something that literally reduces you to only one life.