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This is looking surprisingly good

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The 30's are making a big comeback

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Stacking! The game were you explore "... the close relationship between a small boy and a wandering homeless person." - Tim Schafer 
I am definitely going to pick this game up. Can't wait for the Hummel/Precious Moments figurine sequel!

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This looks really cool.  I wasn't excited for Costume Quest and passed on it but this game will be a purchase for me.

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Popsicle dicks are delicious, man.

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Tim Schafer always makes me laugh.

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Tim Tickles my funny-bone so much, i would love if he could be on the 'cast.

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woah! yeeesss

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What's up with all the quick looks a day before christmas? Me like!

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My opinion on Tim Schafer;  whatever.  I like the art style here, though.

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oh em gee surprise QL.

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Wow...I didn't expect a quick look of this so soon after its announcement.  Can't wait till I'm off work to watch it!

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@Raymayne: Succulent ass? 
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Game looks like ass

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Really intrigued by this ... love the direction Double Fine are going at the moment. 

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I think this looks incredible.
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I knew from the preview that this will be a great quick look.

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Lol looks "ok"

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been waiting all day for this!

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Tim is a legend!

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Dang Tim Schafer and Ryan Davis together.  AWKWARD!

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so awesome, and i thought I had 1st comment on this one too D:

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Oh my God, Tim Schafer.

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Stack that shit.

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