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Yay for Saturday morning QL.

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Surprise Saturday Quick Look? I approve.

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Twister is awesome - saw it in the theater as well and I still remember the drive back, since it was all stormy and menacing.

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You boys sure do have a purty mouth.

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Damn, Drew. You work too much.

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As an Oklahoman I can say that Twister is a very, VERY accurate movie. Spot on. Might as well be a documentary.

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Test.....of faith...... *sigh* complete......

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I honestly think this has some really, really interesting stuff going on with its design and wouldn't be surprised if games like Destiny and Blizzards FPS MMO (titan but not called titan) learned lessons from this.

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Wait!? There is no Gun God?

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Quick Look: IMDB.com

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This looks ok for a $10 game, maybe a little bare bones when it comes to the actual weapon selection and gameplay though. I was a little disappointing to go from looking at all the cool monsters then it just turns out you play as some dude who shoots all the cool looking stuff.

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I was thinking this looks A LOT like Will Rock but in third person and whadya know, it's by the same developers.

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"Do you know any good books?" haha I almost spilled my coffee hearing that.

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This looks terrible.

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The basic idea seems kinda neat, but the actual gameplay looks completely monotonous.

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I had a bad night last night. I need some God Mode to get me through the day.

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Put me to sleep, Gerstmann.

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Those movies are Creature Features, Vindog.

Like Godzilla and etc.

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'Is this a good game?', he asks, expecting the answer 'no'.

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this looks like a videogame made for a tv show. Like some producer needed to have a few scenes of a character playing a video game. So he looked down at his son's PS3 shelf and saw Uncharted and God of War.

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This video makes me miss games like Doom where I'm fighting demons and shit but with firearms.

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This looks fucking boring.

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"I keep running out of ammo"

Maybe if you'd stop being an asshole and wasting pickups when you're missing 20 bullets that wouldn't happen Jeff.

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Oh my god someone in that MP match was named after the MC of Rosario + Vampire. I don't know what's real anymore.

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I wanna know where the GOLD at.

Give ME the gold.

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This goes 7EUR and I believe it's a justified price, where's some other games are completely overpriced, like La-Mulana at 14EUR, Sacred Citadel at 15EUR, Don't Starve at 11EUR, all of those games and similar should be sub or at exactly $10 which translates to around 7.50EUR

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I have seen Critters 4. Like a lot of horror franchises that run out of "places to go", it takes place both in the future and in space. Even at the age of 14, I remember thinking it was really bad. But it had a sex scene in it.

Unfortunately, Critters 4 is better than Critters 3, which is so awful I remember almost nothing about it except it takes place in either Chicago or New York in an apartment complex/slum.

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Hell yeah, critters marathon time.

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@blazehedgehog: Also had a young DiCaprio in it, It's the only one I've seen oddly enough.

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Critters 2 has a pretty lady in it

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Netflix quicklook. Aw yeah.

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George Takei is a voice actor? Wow, that is pretty awesome.

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Ok, so the game has monsters, big arenas, giants, gods. A kickass setting for some nice slashing hacking action.

Then they made it a shooter. And a very boring looking one at that, somehow.

Nice. My money stays with me.

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Optional "gentleman pirate" head and "camo pants"? SOLD!

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Walk backwards and sideways and shoot - the game (also sometimes sprint forward).

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Eh, I've seen worse shooters sold for $15. Blacklight: Tango Down,anyone?

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HINT: Breath to not asphyxiate.

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They took the "God Mode" term and made a dumb MP only game from it? Disappointed.

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Not to get preachy or whiny but I've been watching this video for 10 mins, and I still don't get what the hell is this game all about...

I know Giantbomb is not a super serious gaming site, but a brief intro with actual information would be cool for this quicklooks.

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@donpixel said:

Not to get preachy or whiny but I've been watching this video for 10 mins, and I still don't get what the hell is this game all about...

I know Giantbomb is not a super serious gaming site, but a brief intro with actual information would be cool for this quicklooks.

The time before the game was by far the best part of this quicklook. The game itself is rather dull save the amusing announcer.

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So this is basically Will Rock in Third Person?

EDIT: Nevermind, if it's multiplayer only, than I guess it is somewhat different.

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This is not a game about love. Which is to say it seems like a lame "coop" game. Doesn't appear as though pick-ups are shared and it doesn't really seem like you need to do anything cooperatively.

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'Wow, another minute of this, huh?'


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This game looks alright. I'd never buy it though.

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Seems like this game will die as soon as people stop playing it. There's no local option?

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I assume that announcer is trying to be Dionysus, but I don't understand why he would give a shit about future people fighting Hades monsters.