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@StickyMicky: I'm confused, when I played this last night after NOT purchasing the map pack, I had no problem finding a game.  The DLC was in a completely new playlist, so I don't see how this would be a problem.
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Haven't played a Halo game since Halo 3 and this looks just like it.

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People like their Team Slayer though someone should tell them a little variety never hurt.

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Haha :D "Xbox Unfreeze" lol :) ... these maps has crashed on me too once. 
Nice QL. I really like Breakpoint.

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@EgoCheck616: @EgoCheck616 said:
" @Artemis_D said:
" @EgoCheck616 said:
" Another milk for Halo. Really? After all the content games like MAG, Team Fortress 2, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 have been adding.  THIS is what you direct your attention to.  This site's bias is quickly becoming evident. "
You are so right.  There is an obvious bias toward games that a majority of people actually care about.  How dare they?  I, for one, am disgusted. "
Inorite. Because no one plays Team Fortress 2 or MAG anymore. That's why they keep releasing content for people who don't exist.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Vietnam? Who would ever think of buying that? Oh wait.. most of the people on my friends list. "
Okay, enough with the sarcasm.  Let's be reasonable.  You make a valid point, but not exactly a good point.  Like it or not, you're in the minority of a great deal of users who come to this site,.  They're a small group of dudes who can only cover so much, so what decision do you make?  Do you cover a game that only a couple hundred users might be interested in, or a game a couple thousand users would be interested in?  The answer is obvious.  Would I love to see that stuff? Sure!  But bias?  Really?  Seriously?  I get really tired of people throwing that word around.  It has completely lost meaning on the Internet.  I'm sorry, but every who doesn't like the things that you like does not make a something or someone biased. 
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This QL reminded me how annoying the click to zoom mechanic in Halo is. 
XBOX Armor Lock!

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Kinda mean to say, but Jeff doesn't seem so great at this Halo thing.  Seems like he doesn't really look at his radar ever.  Maybe I just notice this kinda stuff because I try pretty hard when I'm playing Reach.

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Can anyone else think of other games where you can't quit until the match starts? I've only encountered this in the Halo games, and it's always annoyed me.

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I need to play more reach

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That's really weird.  When I started playing these maps the day they came out, it was a good 2 hours before I got into a match on Tempest.

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@AngryRedPlumber said:
" @StickyMicky: I'm confused, when I played this last night after NOT purchasing the map pack, I had no problem finding a game.  The DLC was in a completely new playlist, so I don't see how this would be a problem. "
I should update, i went on last night and i COULD get into matchmaking. 
This time around i noticed a new splash screen telling me about the map pack, i never saw that screen the first time, i suspect Bungie tweaked something at their end. 
Makes you wonder if they "accidently" did it to try and boost sales of the map pack? 
When i first attempted to play, not many people were online at all, maybe they checked the stats and worked out that they had blocked non map pack peeps.
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Beating Halo on legendary solo is pretty easy you just need patience 

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They should put out a few crossover maps as their final send off. 
It would be great to see Halo in Aperture Science with GLaDOS, random portals and the turrets as added enemy hazards. They could also update Facility, Tokay's Tower / Longest Yard, a space version of de_dust as well as Deck 16 or Morpheus from the UT series. Kind of a thank you to the fans as well as an acknowledgement of where the developers looked for inspiration.  
A best of the Forge maps would be good to have as well.
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If you ever wanted to see the bottom of a Spartan's boot, BAM!

Watch until the end.

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This almost made me want to get gack into the Halo Reach Multiplayer....almost.

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@Tesla: you have a point, but these are fairly large maps (well, anchor9 isn't very large, but w/e), and they each have new stuff in forge to do, so why the hell not?
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Still Halo, still looks braindead

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Halo: Vietnam will be the game that gets me back into the series.

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You know, I don't even like Halo anymore, but even I have to admit that anti-Halo whiners are some of the most annoying, frustrating people on the Internet. "Halo? Yep. Stupid as ever." "More like Yawn-o, AMIRITE?!" Halo is a sci-fi FPS. That's it. That's all. It's not awful. It's not wonderful. It's just fucking Halo. Either you enjoy it or you don't. If you don't enjoy it, move on. Your opinion is treasured by no one but you, your mother, and the Lord God. 
As for the pathetic Sony fanboys who claim this is another example of Giant Bomb's Xbox bias, please grow up. I feel no loyalty toward any console and this doesn't look at all like a case of bias. People care about Halo. Giant Bomb does not cover every single thing that happens in this industry. They generally stick to what most people want, while occasionally checking out the edges of the gaming world. Halo is popular. A lot of people care about what these new maps look like. Thus, they looked at them. And any regular GB reader should know that the staff, sadly, isn't big on Team Fortress. I love Team Fortress, and I don't like Halo, but you don't see me whining and crying "Conspiracy!" do you? Just sack up, realize that the world does not always cater to your preferences, and deal with it.

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He should use his motion tracker more.

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fuck what you heard on the internet <3