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PLAAAAAAAYSTATION. I hope this thing works.

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But when?!

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Watching it NOW

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The future is now

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Long loading times...:/

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Playstation Now seems kinda interesting to me.

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Looks pretty awesome

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Wait, when?

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If they get the prices straightened out and give you an option to BUY these games, not just rent them, I'm totally satisfied as far as backwards compatibility goes. I played MGS3 for about an hour and couldn't even tell it was just streaming.

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As long as the PlayStation Now is about renting in a non-Netflix way, count me out.

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Should I watch this later?

No, NOW!

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The image made me think this was a site ad. Oops.

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Sweet, I've been wanting to see how well this performed.

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One minute in and Dan has made a wrestling reference. I love this guy.

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You can say a lot about the Dead or Alive games but that "they don't play that great" is definitely not one of them.

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First! Seems interesting, though I won't be using it. Never liked the latency in cloud-based services, and it eats up a lot of bandwidth.

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When will then be now? Soon.

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Nice :D

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I must see this Now (tm).

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Now That's What I Call PlayStation.

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What does mine say? Dude! How about mine? Sweet! DUDE! SWEET! AAAAHHH

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The pricing so far is amazing crazy, if this was linked to my digital PS3 purchases that would be great but PlayStation now as it is, is just stupid.

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I rented Enslaved to try out the system and was thoroughly impressed. Unfortunately the prices are too crazy for me to buy anything else.

What I'd really prefer is to just pay an additional monthly subscription fee on top of PS Plus that would let me Stream all the games I already own digitally.

I'm not sure if that would be profitable for Sony though. It works for Netflix/Hulu/etc, but they don't have the hardware requirements that Sony does to not only stream the games, but also process them.

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The future is NOW.

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Don't have a Now, man

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El Destructo vs La Bomba!

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this service seem extremely pointless.

why not put it on other platform as well since it's just streaming video.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I actually liked the Shadowfall story. It wasn't mind-blowing or anything, but I dug it more than any CoD or BF single player storylines.

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Don't get Hornswaggled by Brad.

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I hope this doesn't just become Home and actually leaves beta before the PS5 comes out without it at all.

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So this is a service for crazy people. Got it.

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Thanks for this. I was curious to see you guys using the service. Seems.... okay performance wise. The prices leave MUCH to be desired.

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I really liked the first killzone. it kind of went bad after that.

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NOW That's What I Call Playstation!

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Hey, I like Spaceballs, too!

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You guys should do some Quick Looks using a PS Vita TV / Vita Games

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Right Now?

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Ooh, this is exciting

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What If they didn't actually port these games? They are just running them on a PS3 and they beam the signal to your PS4. Think about it :)

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I think this service seems really cool.