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Shoot that dude!

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If there's bunnyhopping sign me up.

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I feel like they went the in the wrong direction with this game. I would of liked to have seen someone try the format seen in the The Club or similar. The essence of trackmania was how you'll all competing at the same time but not interacting , this seems far more generic.

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Oh fuck, they certainly heard people saying recent videos were too quiet.

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@mynthon: No strafe-jumping sadly, just awful halo movement. Really killed the game for me when I played it.

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@hapgood: The Club is kind of awful, even when it was released it wasn't that good.

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I've got a mania, that can only be cured by SHOOTING

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Of course I had to be accepted into a time limited beta for a game I'm genuinely curious about just as my computer blows up. I will live out my dreams through you, Giant Bomb...!

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Never pegged you for a bar-half-full kinda guy, Jeff.

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Wub Wub?

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@Rox360: Your 7 days start only when you actually install the beta, so just don't install it before you have time to play it.

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@adam1808: yeah I know but surely there's a good idea in there somewhere...

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Damn I wish they made a game where you play as a roller-coaster train and build roller-coasters XD You could name your park "Big Jeffrey's" :D

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Is Jeff Bridges in this?

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@WilltheMagicAsian:So it would seem. Disappointing to see stamina bars in a fast paced shooter like this. Looks like they're aiming this to be an e-sports title, judging by the good spectator mode. The modes look kinda interesting too, but I dunno...

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Watching Jeff play SM is like watching Brad play Quake 3.

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I want Spectator mode to be my screensaver. I think I could watch that all day. It's hypnotizing.

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YES! Jeff and Vinny!

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audio volume is much better on this one!

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You'd think putting a hard shooting limit in your ShootMania game would be sort of a bad idea. This looks boring as all hell.

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Anyone got a spare key they can PM me? Spending my week house-sitting in the middle of nowhere. NEED GAMES! Ill name my first born child after Glogrnarth, Eater of Worlds. Or after whoever has a key to spare :)

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@leejunfan83 said:



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When I saw the dome closing I instantly thought "Incoming Game" would be uttered.

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How iz ze multiplayer?


This looks pretty... not good.

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I haven't played it yet, but the weapons seem absolutely terrible and to me instagib is probably the most boring mode in first person shooters. From what I've seen and heard the movement is off as well and I'm not sure if I even want to check it out... kinda disappointing. :/

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This does not look like something I'll ever want to play. Quake Live is still around so it's probably a better way to go

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I hope they give users control over weapons: ammo, firing speed, projectile speed, splash damage, arc, etc cause that main weapon looked lame.

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Thanks, this will tell me when to activate my key.

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Vinny makes everything hilarious.

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Looks interesting from creating your own levels in this but from the look of it, the game definitely needs a good dose of wicked mutators (similar as in unreal tournament 2004, serious sam, timesplitters, ect.).

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Also about the beta access - I have not purchased any Trackmania game yet I got in the Shootmania beta, so it's not only for those who bought stuff.

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@simkas said:

@Rox360: Your 7 days start only when you actually install the beta, so just don't install it before you have time to play it.

I'm not gonna be able to afford a new computer until it's out of beta.

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The Roller Coaster Rampage thing was great.

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That was probably THE MOST EFFORT they've put into a quick look so far.

And you know what? It's adequately insane.

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This for TNT ?

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I wish I would have gotten a beta key for this. I'd love to check it out. I'm a bit with Jeff though at least on how the game looks (as I haven't played it myself). The default gun and character movement both don't seem to be enough in one direction or another. They either need to be Unreal Tournament speed and railgun precision or something slower and more methodical. It just comes off a bit odd right now.

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I dunno, I'm still interested. Like Trackmania it as some serious flaws but there's a charm to it and I'm liking the variation to combat already.  
Did Jeff say all Trackmania 2 buyers will get a beta invite? Confused by that. 

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I played about 5 hours of the shootmania beta. That was 5 hours of playing a completely shit ass game.

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That bubble mode looks awesome.

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OK, that bit where they were trying to race and kept failing the jump really, really seemed like some sort of trick to make everyone fail except for the owner. Yes, I know, that sounds insane, but we are talking about the internet here.

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I want this game. I've got it downloading now.

Seems really cool.

I've never enjoyed watching an esporty type thing really but watching some of this in the lead up to e3 was excellent.

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This looks like the HOTTEST garbage. The hottest.

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Yeah this idea and execution is about a decade and a half too late. Wake me in 2027 when it gets modernized and the freedom really opens up.

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I kinda appreciate the bright colors. And the fact that it's a shooter that, on the surface, seems like it requires skill to play.

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Garbage game, good quick look.

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History repeats itself again: the French still don't understand shooting.

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Rule #1 on the sign..don't fall in the water..

Back to the cars!

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RON PAUL 2012.


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Hmm, ShootMania doesn't look that great. I'd like to try out some of the platformer stuff and see what crazy things people do with it though. More excited for Quest Mania at this point.

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I can't believe the songs on Jeff's server don't work atm, hope that gets sorted out