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Posted By Flappy

I almost want a Kinect now. Damn it all!

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Posted By Afroman269

This can't be real...

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Edited By BulletproofMonk

I'm so tired of FMV.

Or maybe I'm just tired of Twisted Pixel.

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Posted By darth_furder

Oh god... I want to see all of this. But I don't want a Kinect. :(

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Posted By TehJedicake

holy shit.. this is the best thing ever.

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Posted By linkster7

Ok, so I have to buy a kinect now. DAMN!

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Posted By kre8havoc

I love Brad's awful Texas accent.

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Posted By MooseyMcMan

Somebody play through this an upload it to YouTube! NOW!

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Posted By depecheload

I think I've watched the opening to this about 10 times now. I haven't laughed so hard at a reaction on a Quicklook since Ryan's Inferno.

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Posted By PLWolf

Can we somehow watch this DLC in it's entirety. I'm not buying a kinect any time soon, but would love to see all of the awesome.

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Posted By steelknight2000

Hope this whole thing shows up on Youtube!

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Posted By Odinez

What the...?!! I think I just had a halluci-aneurysm!

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Posted By senschuh

Now I want to buy a Kinect.

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Posted By dagas

Awesome stuff!

Is it just me or does the brunette that was tied up (the girl on the right) look a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones? Anyone know who she is?

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Posted By thecosmicfly

Not going to lie. This DLC was funnier and more entertaining than Cowboys & Alien.

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Posted By TheLeamenator

@BulletproofMonk: You are the ONLY person who does not like this. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

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Edited By Burb

This is simply amazing.

Please post the full thing!

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Posted By ArbitraryWater

This needs to end up on youtube. Conveniently soon.

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Posted By gbrading

I've got to say, this DLC is the best Kinect product released, by and far.

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Posted By RTSlord

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!????????? so freaking amazing and ridiculous

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Posted By KillyDarko

This is so, but so much better than the Gunstringer. This was awesome! ^^

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Posted By mekklesak

For an old west town, those folk had some great hair.

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Posted By emem

Haha, love it.

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Edited By Thompson820

That is amazing, they nailed so many of the things that make those games great/terrible.

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Posted By Xqwzt

Video games is art Patrick. Video games... is... art.

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Posted By GunsAreDrawn

Troma is one of those that makes me not want to live in this world anymore.

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Posted By rempresent

I want it so bad, I can't contain it any longer.

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Posted By Gatz

This is the only game that has made me want to get a Kinect. Holy shit!

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Posted By wrathofconn

"What is video game" indeed.

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Posted By tandar1

Show us the rest!!!!!!

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Posted By Aeterna

Oh my god.... this.. my cheeks hurt from laughter.

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Posted By MisterMouse

that shi cray

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Posted By Snail

"What is video game?" - Patrick Klepek

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Posted By adoggz

ahahahahahhhahaahhaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah

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Posted By Shadow

I've never really wanted a Kinect until now

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Posted By solidlife

Two hawt women. tied up....why untie?

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Posted By Slurpelve

This is DLC of the year material

Its got my vote

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Posted By Saryy42

Damn it now I've gotta go buy a kinect!

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Posted By Soap

This looks to be just the right kind of bananas!

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Posted By foxmulder

Damn...I need an Xbox and Kinect!

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Posted By rjayb89

That chick in the bar with two beers was so fucking hot.

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Posted By sushisteve

Doc "Two times" Lloyd

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Posted By rjayb89

That chick in the church is so hot, too. I may need to buy The Gunstringer now.

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Posted By rjayb89

That chick on the right tied up with... dynamite rope is so hot, too. I'll be back guys, I need to pick this shit up.

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Posted By JayCee

This is pretty fantastic. Good on Twisted Pixel to not be afraid to be a little ridiculous.

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Posted By outerabiz

if this isn't art i don't know what it...

eat it Roger Ebert, eat it.

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Posted By Jedted

My copy is already on the way, too bad it won't get here till friday. :(

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Posted By spiceninja

Jesus Christ. I need to get a Kinect right now.

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Posted By Gnorbooth

I 100% support stupid insanity like this DLC. Life is just better with FMV.

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Posted By charlie_victor_bravo

Oh my Lord! I just can't handle this level of awesomeness.