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edit:  I'm going to find out for myself. 
 (was asking about eyefinity support).

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Set the controls for the heart of the sun baby...

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Oh, God! It's like if I was playing Geometry Wars, and a singularity opened inside of its programming, causing me to fall through my television and into the game. This is one of the most gorgeous games I've ever seen, and that distortion effect is phenomenal. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY MIND I WANT MORE OF WHATEVER THIS IS OH NO.

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Wow, looks really impressive, also would double as the best screensave ever.
I wonder how demanding its system requirements are?

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To be high, wearing 3d glasses and playing this game would be one heck of an experience.

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I would love to try this game out with some nice Ozric Tentacles tracks.

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Fantastic. I love this kind of stuff. And it's up for Mac, too! Buying now...

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I would love to mix this game with the shatter soundtrack. Probably be the best experience in a music game to date. 

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Is there a giant space fetus at the end?

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 Not very musical, but brilliant nonetheless for providing amazing visualizations to trip off to

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I wish someone could take this amazing visual engine and design a more functional, structured game within it.  With the right direction, even simplistic gameplay could make it amazingly compelling.

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I don't remember how I got here

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I'm always behind on things. I usually don't mind. But this is the exception to the rule. Don't care for math, don't even really care for gaming. But I've got a soft spot for fractals. And colors; vibrant, near-luminescent colors. And music. This game manages to combine aforementioned elements in an unusual way; well-known aspects that interact with each other in a (relatively) unknown fashion, resulting in something never before achieved; not in the gaming-, musical-, or visual/cinematic field, IMO. Tailor-made as well; it's the gamer that shapes the game as s/he goes along. This is out of this world. Thank you, Dmytry Lavrov.