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Sonic? Meh. But I LOVE the idea of throwback quick looks!

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You're everywhere!!! 
I've also never been a fan of Sonic. I don't see the appeal.

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Sweet, this is what Ive been waiting for!
Edit: Giantbomb, ruining fond memories every day!

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Quick look throwback! awesome! 
Has it really been 10 years? wow.

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We miss you Dreamcast....

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On the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast. Nice.

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Is this the sonic game that started the downfall of the series? 
also, I love quick looks throwbacks!

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Happy Dreamcast Day. Sonic has officially been in a 10 year spiral to the ground.

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I seem to remember playing that exact action stage at an arcade at some point. But I´m not sure. Was there an arcade version of Sonic Adventure?
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I'm happy that Quick Look Throwback became a thing other than the first one

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Happy 10th birthday Dreamcast, old pal! I remember really enjoying this game when it came out, looking back now though...

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Is this where Sonic started to suck because they suddenly put real people in their game world?

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I loved this as I kid.

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Oh today is the Dreamcast 10th anniversery isn't it? That explains Sega annoucing the new 2D Sonic game today.

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Aw should of shown the Chao garden.

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For the record there was a 3D sonic game on the genesis.

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I remember the first time I played Sonic Adventure years ago...my pants vaporized.

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This Quick Look makes me love Giant Bomb that much more

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Since i have access to fast-paced internet, i live on memories alone. 
Ah, the DreamCast... 
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I really liked this game when it came out. Before starting to watch this, I get the feeling they're not going to be too positive.

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"Rescue Tails from his own Ass!" 
Ryan Davis should do all the mission titles from now on.

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Brad died :D

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Fond memories indeed, i still have my Dreamcast, may dig it out one day. They really need to re-invent Sonic, maybe go down the metroidvania style, pseudo 2D/3D but with the pacing of the old Sonic games, would look pretty cool on todays systems

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A Quick Look Classic. Nice.

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Wow this brought back memories. Has it seriously been 10 years? I actually found Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 to be amazing at the time but now jesus christ.

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I forgot how good that game looks.

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Nah this game still looks like I remember it. Awesome :D 
I want to raise some Chao!

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Not even funny how poorly that game has aged.

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@EndlessMike said:
" For the record there was a 3D sonic game on the genesis. "
If you're talking about Sonic 3D Blast, that wasn't really 3D. It was barely even a game.
Man I loved Sonic Adventure. Watching this awful quick look is so bizarre.
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I'm sorry to say this but Brad really sucks at this game. My 8 year old brother immediately understood the controls. I understood the controls back in the day. Hell, it's regarded as one of the best 3D Sonics.
I know we're talking about 1999 controls but they aren't this bad. 

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Sonic Adventure 1 had no adventure stages, has everyone forgotton how good that game was? 
Seriously I would pay 1200 points for a perfect port to the 360 market place. 
Which reminds me... 
Please somebody port saturn games to the market place.   Nights, Guardian Hereos, Burning Rangers and even Sonic Jam
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There is no Eggman, Only Dr. Robotnic.

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It really was the beginning of all the heinous bullshit the Sonic name has become involved with.
I know alot of people hold Sonic Adventure up as the last good Sonic game... but DUDE, no! Sonic starts the game hanging out at a hotel swimming pool with bikini girls for fuck's sake. So wrong.
Bring on Chu Chu Rocket and Jet Grind Radio (the original (and greatest) implementation of cel shading, with the possible exception of Wind Waker).

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@sechsterangriff said:
" I'm sorry to say this but Brad really sucks at this game. My 8 year old brother immediately understood the controls. I understood the controls back in the day. Hell, it's regarded as one of the best 3D Sonics. I know we're talking about 1999 controls but they aren't this bad.  "
I played it today and i completely agree the controls aren't that bad and it doesn't play that as bad as the make it seem Its still a fun game.
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@sechsterangriff said:
"I'm sorry to say this but Brad really sucks at this game. My 8 year old brother immediately understood the controls. I understood the controls back in the day. Hell, it's regarded as one of the best 3D Sonics.I know we're talking about 1999 controls but they aren't this bad.  "

Yes they are this bad. Gameplay has moved on since those days. Also, that it is regarded as one of the best 3D Sonics doesn't mean anything given the pedigree of 3D Sonics. Brad is right on the money when he says that the action stages are what it is about. Those are alright but it is the adventure part where it breaks down.
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I thought this was quite good when I played it unlike Sonic Adventure 2. This game might not look great today, but at the time the difference compared to PSone was huge. I don't think there will ever be just a huge jump in graphic again. I mean look at Dead or Alive for example DoA2 on DC looks so much better than the first one while the third on XBOX and DoA4 on 360 only felt like incremental upgrades IMO. No console have ever blown my mind like the Dreamcast did. It really felt like stepping into the 21th century.

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Ah how i love thee Dreamcast. My friend still has his, we hook it up fairly often to play Power Stone 2. While i enjoyed SA at the time I could not see going back to it. It most certainly was the begining of the end for my beloved Sonic.... or is it? 
Edit: Did anyone else see the article about Sonic where Sega literally said that they know Sonic sucks and they plan to make incrementally less sucky sonic games? What kind of a bussiness model is that?! I'll post it here if i find it

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Actually Saturn was the Sega console that was against N64 and PS1. Dreamcast is only a generation old, against Cube and PS2.

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@Outerface When it came out it was against PS1, it just came out rather late.
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i loved this game when it came out. I still have my dreamcast and I put in sonic recently. I dont love that game anymore.

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@Outerface: Well it did come out a good while before the last gen line up so you're right but it arguably had its time competing with the PS1 and N64
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Most 1st gen Ps2 games looked worse than the Dreamcast games :) 
Long live the DC!

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Love the conversation with the... building owner.

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@Ubiquitous: Actually it came out early. Much like Xbox 360 came out a year before PS3, Dreamcast came out a year before PS2.
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I liked sonic back in the day but i prefered the 2nd one

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I actually love Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. My little brother inherited my dreamcast and these games, and I still play them occasionally, and I still love them. My love may be frowned upon, but I'm not ashamed to say it -Sonic Adventure, will you marry me?

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I still loved that game. By today's standards...maybe not so hot. But at the time, it was freaking amazing. 

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This game came out in 1999?
Jesus Christ. In 1999, I was able to play FreeSpace 2. That's just kinda sad, if you think about it. Like, this is what those poor DC people had to endure, while I was enjoying something so far beyond that. You've really gotta feel sorry for em.