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aww yeah, Trials baby!

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I want to see the controller THROWN at the screen.

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gah i'm at 48 medals, need 50 for a license. DAMN YOU TRIALS

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Nice! Been waiting for this!

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Ridin bikes and takin names bitches, TRIALS is back!

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I just found out that "trials" is a real thing a few weeks ago, so I understand Brad's surprise. Pretty crazy.

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It breaks my fucking heart that this isn't on PSN. Breaks it right in two.

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I guess the Trials and tribulations of Brad's Endurance Run will be Tested in this video.

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Was waiting for this.

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Wroom wroom!

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Awesome! Been waiting for this game!

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game looks awesome, so tempted to spend the cash today.

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Never played Trials before, might have to start soon!

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What is this? Marble madness?

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It's a nice time to have a 360, with Fez, Trials Evolution and Witcher 2. Wish I had one. =[

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Is Trials 2 good? I don't have a 360 and 2 is out on Steam

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Warning to headphone users: Brad shouts alot in this QL.

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I guess I'm getting this first over Fez.

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jump jump jump

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Anyone remember Elasto Mania? That game was AWESOME!

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Kickstart. One of the best games of my childhood. Fuckin' yeah.

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XBLA games are getting better than $60 disc games.

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@paulunga said:

Anyone remember Elasto Mania? That game was AWESOME!

oh MAN!

Yeah, Elma was fantastic. Soooo many hours spent....

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@Zombutler: What he said.

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I didn't buy Trials HD, but I think I'm going to buy this one right now!

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the great concrete bag conflict of 2012

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I remember watching Kickstart when I was a kid, I was sure it was actually on BBC kids programmes but I might be wrong. Oh....yeah.....that was junior kickstart...little kids doing it, it was pretty amazing

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C'mon Brad, is it that hard to understand, that if you go full throttle off the ski jump, you will bang against the ground losing all your speed?

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Man, the bit with the cement bag was hilarious! Oh, Brad, you bring me such joy.

Bought this earlier today, love it already (as expected).

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That Mindbender track gave me motion sickness when I played it @_@

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It sucks that Brad skipped the Mind Bender end scene. I saw it online and it's pretty wild and incomprehensible.

And here is a link to the crazy puzzle from the first game that Jeff was talking about

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I see a breaking Brad in the works....

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I should stop watching people play the same game I am playing... AH WELL.

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@Forkstik said:

Warning to headphone users: Brad shouts alot in this QL.

I had ear buds and I didn't even notice, maybe you need a doctor?

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I hope this will come to PC or PSN some day. Looks really cool.

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there was a pripyat track! dang why are you not coming to PC :(

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Oh man, the bit with the moon sold me on this game!

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Love with the editor that you just get an open sandbox & from the menu selection some examples too but really loving how the people that made this took a look at Flatout & Trackmania level of crazy then went to put that in this game. Seems quite more accessible than the original with the combination of the editor & multiplayer and the crazy as hell skill games.

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Kickstart, I remember that show, do do do do-de-do-de do do do do doooo....

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That multiplayer looks really unfair with the way it resets the players. Hope it isn't like that on Live.

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I think trying to gold medal all the tracks in this game would be the Breaking Brad to end all Breaking Brads.

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Oh man, those sandbags. There needs to be more of them.

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Am I wrong in thinking there was a "jump" button in the first Trials? I may have Joe Danger on the mind because I KNOW you can jump on JD.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

That multiplayer looks really unfair with the way it resets the players. Hope it isn't like that on Live.

I don't think it's unfair. The faulter gets bumped up to where the other player is, but you automatically lose a point off the default 10 points every time you fault. In a two-player situation, if you fault even once, you HAVE to win to even make up that point loss. If you fault more than once, you have to hope the other guy faults even more.

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Knew that Jeff was going to flip backwards....just the way Brad was hitting the ground forwards begged for it. unless the flip was perfectly timed...

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More crazy European bike action!

Once during the event somebody tried to go down this hill with skies. I think both of his legs got broken.