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now that life is strange is done you should do a playdate of this at least for a couple times. Seeing Austin's take on this would be interesting.

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I love how like the number of comments doubled in the last three days .. but yeah I looked this up for the same reason you all did..

Any way RIP Bowie - you were a true original.

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I thought DAVE was back! Didn't realize this was an old video :(

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Started to play this game today, but had to stop after half an hour so I could watch this. I kept having a little Vinny and Alex in my head commenting on the game's quirks as I played. Amusing, but distracting.

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And there's an Alan Rickman impersonation by Drew at 22:12 !!!!

Drew = Illuminati. Confirmed.

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R.I.P David Bowie.

I was having an off day only to realize Mr. Bowie had left us.

God bless his family and friends and thank you.

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People in the comments were saying R.I.P. David, and because Dave Snider is in this I had a minor freak out.


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Oh man now I want to see more of this series.

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Crazy thing I randomly decided to watch this again the day before I heard of his death. Kinda freaked me out a little.

RIP David, there will never be another like you.

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Nice tribute to David Bowie. Thanks for bumping this guys.

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Great, now I miss David Bowie and Alexis and Dave.

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I was trying to figure out how they made this, and then i realized it's 3 year old content! Really good though!

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Thanks for putting this back on the FP, some good memories.

Going through Bowie's discography yesterday was a real rollercoaster, but ultimately a joy. R.I.P.

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sigh..... it's on my sega dreamcast ;)

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David Bowie hit me the same as when Alex Chilton died, huge inspirations. The first song I learned to play on guitar was Ziggy Stardust for God sakes.

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Of all those I never knew personally, the passing of only two people have utterly gutted me like this. Bowie is one and RTD the other. Rest in peace.

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@phoenix87: I played it to completion at release during my teenage years, before the heady days of GameFAQS. These opening hours are just the tip of the bullshit-iceberg this game steers you into.

It was worth it for I'll Survive.

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This crazy game was the reason I started listening to Bowie when I was fourteen. Got a paid membership to GB back in the day because I wanted to watch this video. No regrets on both counts. Thanks guys.

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For a second, I thought that this feature was ressurrected and became really disappointed when I realized it was an older video. Then I realized that David Bowie was dead again, and I was a little sad. Then I started Listening to Ziggy Stardust, and things were alright.

What a roller coaster.

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Rocked to the very end. I've bought every album since Earthling, and I think Blackstar's my favorite. Good night, sweet bard. Thanks for the magic.

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Thanks for the Tribute/Re-post. Seriously shocking news.

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this was some of the first premium content i ever saw :')

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Timely re-post, given Bowie's departure from this world.

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Thanks for putting this on the front page. RIP Bowie

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After watching the 2 full hours, I still don't have the slightness clue what you are supposed to be doing in this game.

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At first I heard Dave's voice and was like "OMG HE'S VISITING AND DOING AN RPCG!" but then realized it was an older video.

Nonetheless, I still watched it. RIP Bowie.

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R.I.P. Ziggy ... Thank you for bringing this back to the FP today as well .

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This news seriously fucked me up. He was one of the best.

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I did the same thing, didn't see this originally and didn't know it had anything to do with Bowie. Thought they had a surprise guest.

Didn't know this existed, and when I heard Dave's voice, I fangirled pretty hard. Then I saw the date.

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This one hit me like a ton of bricks. I feel similar to when Ryan died. A guy I never knew but admired greatly.

I hope you exist somewhere out there in space.

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Listening to Soul Love and realizing what the man meant to me.

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actually crying irl,

RIP Ziggy, you're Stardust now :'(

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RIP you far-too-cool-for-this-planet dude you

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I can think of no better tribute.

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Bowie's gone, and I found out from Giant Bomb first.

So long Bowie :'(

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Just loaded may phone with a bunch of Bowie that I have no idea/reason why it wasnt on there in the first place. I'll be honest that I never was a hardcore fan, but there's plenty of his stuff I dig and station to station is an incredible album. Just listened to Blackstar today as well and it seems a very apt swan song. RIP :(

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The GBE playdate is kinda the modern RPCG.

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Rest in piece David Bowie, what an artist.

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RIP Bowie, You will be missed

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RIP Mr. Starman.

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Nice to see it on top again. Way of remembering Bowie, guys! :)

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For a minute I thought they were doing a follow-up video. Alas. RIP David Bowie.

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RIP Goblin King

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RIP Bowie

Aah, yeah. It took me a bit to figure out why this was featured on the front page again.

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RIP Bowie

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RIP Bowie

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So glad they spotlighted this. Will be watching tonight. RIP, Ziggy. You have not died, simply completed the 100% run.

Fuck Cancer.

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And he was alright, the band was altogether

Yes he was alright, the song went on forever

And he was awful nice

Really quite out of sight

And he sang all night long

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Spotlighting this just makes me even sadder. Going to re-watch it anyway, I guess.

RIP David Bowie.