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So CoD Devs are introducing the 'revolutionary' elements of future tech that we've seen in other games for the last 7 years...

Mind you it's long enough since Crysis that they can almost pull off copying even the marketing...

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Was that a VTOL A-10? What the actual fuck.

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I really am interested in this, but I just can't justify the $60 anymore. Maybe if more Redboxes start carrying next-gen stuff by November it'll be a rental.

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They hover on water AND LAND??

It was so stupid that we had all this hover technology but it only worked on water. Now that we can float on land the world is our oyster!

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Oh man Glen take off that chain Duder.

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Do you even lift bro?

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They hover on water AND LAND??

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@vitor said:

So, it's Crysis? Gotcha.

I could go for a new Crysis now that you mention it. Just hold the aliens please.

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So, it's Crysis? Gotcha.

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If they consider these the key selling points for their game then I'm a bit disappointed.

It Just feels like a combination of elements already found in other futuristic games. The exoskeleton sounds interesting, but also feels very similar to the parkour in Titanfall, but with more of a focus on raw power then map traversal.

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Shit, I'm gonna end up playing this, aren't I..?

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It's funny that they mention these things like the "threat detection grenade" which is taken right from Ghost Recon's Future Solider.

You know who else had future tech? Black Ops 2.
You know who else had invisibility cloaks? Black Ops 2
You know who else is probably going to still have the better campaign? Black Ops 2

I'm sorry but I just can't....

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ok - lasers, but no robots? C'mon! It's like a hotdog with no ketchup.

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Looks interesting at least.

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I wonder if these guys have ever played Halo?

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@rhlowe said:

Hover bikes that work on water? Now I know this is fake.

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Something about these guys makes me think they are used car salesmen or something.

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Hover bikes that work on water? Now I know this is fake.

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I asked Glen how he was such a cool dude on the Game Informer show. And he answered!

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@jdillinger said:


Why are they hiding the button prompt at :27 seconds?

Probably didn't clear it with the platform holder first...or maybe they're not hiding it and it's just not even ready, it's not a finished game so who knows what works and what doesn't. I'm sure this was running on PC anyway, so who knows.

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Why are they hiding the button prompt at :27 seconds?

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VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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no but really hoover bikes are cool