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Squid Davy Jones is creatively challenged.

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The price of figures is the only thing holding me back.

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...and I want Pete's Dragon, and the Cat from Outer Space, and the Stardust from Unidentified Flying Oddball, and I want...

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My girlfriend wants this so bad! ^^

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I see the Money Bin, but where's Mister McDee? WHERE IS HE JOHNNY V?!?!?!?!?

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They keep showcasing this mode and honestly, it's a mode I'd never play (granted, I'd probably won't play this game). I am really not that creative and don't like "make your own fun" type games.

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I'm really curious to see how many playsets they put out. I'd be way interested in Hercules and Aladdin. I'm surprised there isn't a Beauty and the Beast one, yet.

Man, Disney has some great franchises. what are they even doing.

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Got a hands on at an event in downtown Disney on fathers day, my son is totally sold on the Cars level at least, I know I am sold after seeing that video. Had no idea THAT is what they meant by toy box.

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This looks pretty incredible!

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Did anyone else catch the Tron recognizer flying in at 27 seconds? Sold now, Jeff?

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Way to go Johnny V!

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This looks really good. I had a ton of fun with Toy Box mode in Toy Story. More of that sounds good to me. I hope they go the extra mile with the Wii U and implement world creation controls on the GamePad's touch screen.

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Thanks Alex. I'm glad im not the only person in their late 20's who has seen all the footage from this game and secretly is dying to buy it.

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I don't get the logo, why would you highlight "IN" with red boxes?

Because all the fun is "IN" the toy chest or the game or your imagination or something..? Or maybe it was just random like Super Mario Galaxy's "U R MR GAY" stars.

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You can build a money bin?


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I was super pumped about this since it was announced but after the pricing has kind of taken this out of impulse territory :(

Now I'll have to wait until I know all the details.

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Now all thats left to do is start on my plans for my creation based on Disney's finest feature length motion picture. My level will be starring a cat named DC with a wristwatch who gets caught up in a bank robbery and kidnapping case being investigated by the FBI.

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The question quickly becomes, what platform to buy it for? I do believe the video of JV demoing to Jeff was an XB360 version, but I would much rather own this for next gen. I see it being a go to game for my kids for a long time.

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Johnny V's going to be looking at these comments because he's neurotic, so I just wanted to tell him hi. Hi, Johnny.

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Just like any game that allows the player to create whatever fantastic world he or she desires, it will be an arms race for the first person to create World 1-1 and E1M1.

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I don't get the logo, why would you highlight "IN" with red boxes?

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I wonder if buying the skylander type toys is a requirement. I'd kinda like to just pick Woody or Buzz and go with it.

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good for kids?