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its an awful movie, just trerrible

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Wow, Claire looks DUMB.

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Yup incredibly boring, do not watch. I fell asleep.

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"Emotiontude"...somebody call Webster's!

Great TANG.  I'd like to see how this RE movie compares to the Dead Space one, especially since people are comparing the two games these days.  Anyway, great job and fantastic use of sound effects.

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This was a great fan service. Leon and Claire's VO were the only good ones. It's strictly meant for people who've played and followed the RE games. Obviously Rian hasn't  - so no wonder he hated it.

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Another great TANG!

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I have already had the misfortune of watching this boring piece of shit already.  Thank God it was only a rental, totally boring!  Wish I had seen this TANG sooner, would have spared me the loss of 2 hours of my life.

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When in doubt: jazz hands

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Well, I agree when he says it's boring. I mean, I actually didn't watch the hole thing. After a 15 minute period of people just talking I just turned the dvd off. Shame really, because it seems the last part of the movie has actual punch.

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Lol at the montage.

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Yeah, this movie looks pretty bad. I have no interest in it, even if I love the RE series.

This was the first time I saw a "TANG" episode and I really enjoyed it. I am going to go back and watch a few others now that you got me in the mood.

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Ryan sumed it up well, that movie was BORING.

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I liked that movie

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I was gonna watch this movie, but now I've changed my mind. Thanks for saving me some much needed time!

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hehe funny keep it up

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Thanks Ryan, I really wanted to see but now I changed my mind.

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They should totally make a squeal ti snakes on a plane with zombies on a plan.

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I actually think degeneration is better than the final fantasy movie previously reviewed, because it GOT a story, the final fantasy movie seemed so random to me.

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RE and movies just don't seem to mix.

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The ninja action sequence was Mirror's Edge.

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Hahaha! Emotionalitude! I love TANG.

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ba dum psh :)

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Thanks for the review Ryan, my friend and I were thinking of renting this as a joke, but if it is just flat out boring then forget it.

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I agree.  I went into the movie expecting really really little and was still disappointed.  And bored.

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when is there gonna be a TANG: Mortal Kombat???

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Hmmm...Needs more TANG!

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You should definitely review that Dead Space movie.

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I thought it was on par with the 2nd resident evil movie. It had some moments in it I liked, but for what it was it was okay, not amazing, and no where near as WOW as Advent Children, but it's still worth a watch if your a fan of the games.

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"Warning! Level 4 submerge system will engage... soon!"

Lol wut?

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on March 14, 2009
when is there gonna be a TANG: Mortal Kombat???

AGREED !!!! I wanna see this TANG !
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you folks are lookin at this movie way too deeply. its a straight-to-video, $20 on Blu Ray, cut scene of some events in between Rezi 4 and 5. its no more boring or cheesier or different from any other cutscene you'd see in any Resident Evil game ever made, except its longer.

Ryan is all reviewing it like its some kind of full featured Advent Children Spirits Within Beowulf 2 The Matrix part 4 or somethin.  pssssh i scoff.

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Does the Kennedy sequence allude to a Kennedy skin in MIrror's Edge 2, perhaps a complete game around him? I'd buy that.

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Is it really such a surprise that Degeneration wasn't the best thing since 28 Days Later? I mean, It's not as if the Resident Evil series is known for it's prize winning narratives. I went into this because I wanted some good old fashioned Resident Evil camp and insane bio-tech babble, and I got that. Doing allowed me to enjoy it for precisely what it is.

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Hum, I never knew that movie existet. The cg animation quality isn't very good though.

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100% agree with Ryan on this movie.

He didn't mention how some of the scenes give you that "playing the game" feeling.  Like the "ninja Leon" bit he shows, absolutely makes you think QTE.  And after the zombies fall out of the plane, the camera pulls way back, and you think "cutscene over, time to play."

I wish I didn't find TANG so boring.
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Thanks for another great review Ryan.  Thanks to your video I took Degeneration out of my Netflix queue :)

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Looks like Leon be playin some Mirror's Edge lol

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Lol, I am loving this series!

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I enjoyed it regardless, I was expecting a hollywood action movie, which is what I got.

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I felt like I had played RE right after I finished watching this movie. I wouldn't say it's bad, just entertaining.

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God damn it Ryan!!  Way to spoil EVERYTHING for me.  I didnt know it was going to be zombies.....

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Thanks for the video, I wasn't planning on watching this movie any time soon, if at all.

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It doesn't look too bad, but it does seem pretty boring.
Loved the use of the laugh track.

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This feature just keeps getting better and better.

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I really enjoyed this movie, Ryan. It was pretty bad ass and not boring like you claim.


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What you talking about, Leon has always been a ninja o_0

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This was in my netflix queue for about 5 seconds before I realized what I was doing and deleted it.

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It definitely wasn't no Advent Children but I did enjoy it and that is probably solely based on me being a long time Resident Evil fan. I do agree it did have its boring moments and that the voice acting was over the top, but I wouldn't completely ignore it if you are indeed an RE fan, for someone not into the RE universe sure stay away but it is a mild fan service which does in fact bridge RE4 and RE5 decently.