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Posted By Solh0und

The best part about this movie is learning the development hell it went through. I read the story in the September Game Informer.

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Posted By Jawshua

I remember liking this as a kid.

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Posted By PoToSkull

Happy 3 year anniversary!

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Posted By dietmango

Lol oh it's so nice to take a trip down memory lane. This is probably the worst movie--video game adaptation or otherwise--I have ever seen.

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Posted By MachoFantastico

This was so bad, and so disconnected to the Mario franchise that you barely connect the two.

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Posted By TekZero

" I don't need anything with a face"

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Posted By Commander_Crichton

I'm gonna miss you Ryan.

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Posted By Moonshadow101

G'nite, Ryan

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Posted By hughesie27

RIP Bob Hoskins.

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Posted By craigybourne

I did my dissertation on this film and boy it was a pooper then and its still a pooper now.

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Posted By csl316

Drew mentioned TANG quietly in a Quick Look and HERE I AM!

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Wow, just wow.