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It uses the same musical score as the Battlefield 1943: Iwo Jima trailer...  Only difference is the poorly added Terminator theme.

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looks good so far!

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I seriously didn't like that mix of the terminator theme at all.

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Bleh, I'll probably give it a go for the easy achievements.

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reminds me of the begining of the first movie

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seen that kinda play waaayyy ttiooooo often..

very disapointing

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Got to say the thememusic still kicks arse.

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The increasingly prevalent implementation of lighting kickbacks in concurrence with the projectiles and their subsequent explosions is the only redeeming quality to an otherwise, highly derivative, physically inadequate (e.g., the fully airborne, spinning jeep with it’s center of gravity at the rear of the cabin instead of near the engine block, that just so happens to land on all fours without the tires blowing out or the axels folding), painfully redundant excuse for the release of suppressed male aggression.

C’mon people, the 1990’s are over. There’s no one left to kick in the ass, but ourselves.

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"Hey that Gears at War game sold loads, we should rip it off by removing their power armour and include the Terminator movie licence"

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Well at the least they have made a functional Gears of War clone.

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Man, that TANG icon is distracting. Also I hope the game will have an interesting open world and not just mission based... I just love open world games... :P

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Everyone looks like a terminator, there is no expression on the character's faces lol

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Looks like an on-rails section of a shooter. WOW.

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Still don´t give a turd about how mediocre this looks, cause im still getting it.

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I think that looks mediocre but for a movie based game it looks good, I just wish they'd make a non movie based Terminator (I know it's originally a movie) but they should create a game to itself I think for a game setting and things they could potentially do with the story line it'd be a pretty good game.

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for a movie based game, it doesn't look that bad. but looks can be decieving.