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Can't wait

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Bioshock? No bioshock...

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Posted By TheHT

blackbeard you so crazy. them burnin tips will burn ya beard!

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Posted By Zippedbinders

@theht said:

blackbeard you so crazy. them burnin tips will burn ya beard!

That was kind of the point, he did that to be as intimidating as possible. It worked, Teach was a crazy motherfucker.

Also, goddammit Ubisoft, right when I'm ready to just write everything off, you appeal to my deep seated love of Pirates doing piratey things in the Caribbean.

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Posted By MarkWahlberg

I don't think the AssCreed franchise's awkward self-seriousness will translate well here, but my desire for a piratical game might outweigh that.

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Posted By Mystyr_E

I'd be more all over this if I didn't just get disappointed with AC3 a couple of months ago. I mean you look at Zelda, yeah a lot of stuff is still the same but the gap between releases helps but having the same-playing game come out 5 times in a row...it grows tiresome.

I'm slightly optimistic but that's about it

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Posted By TommyH

Having completely lost interest in the series about halfway through AC2 I find myself unexpectedly interested in seeing how this turns out.

Also, pirates... not enough games feature pirates.

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Posted By loginrejected

I always thought this guy's voice was wasted on adverts, it sounds really good here.

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Pirate assassins, you guys.

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Posted By Veektarius

Looks gorgeous, I have to admit. But I'd feel better about it if it weren't Assassin's Creed.

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Hmm, the footage had weird " next-gen port from current consoles"-look to it. The amount of polys and the geometry clearly is something that our current consoles can do, but the resolution, frame-rate and some of the effects looks next-gen. It has this weird overly sharp look to it.

Or maybe it was just the PC-version. Anyways, Assassin Pirates are cooler than boring old regular pirates, i guess.

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Posted By haggis

I think this might have been better if they'd kept the mechanics but branded it differently, so it wasn't Assassin's Creed. If they drop most of the Animus stuff, then I can get behind it. It looks to be a decent game--or, at least as such things can be seen in a trailer. With Kenway they might have a more interesting protagonist. I'm just more interested at this point in being a pirate than being yet another stodgy assassin. I never imagined Ubi would ever make assassins boring, but AC3 ... well, they did it. Let's hope they don't do the same with pirates.

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Posted By paulmako

00:54 Legit Bro Handshake

Also I'm pretty sure this is the Phantom Pain.

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Posted By TheGamerGeek

Did someone say whale?

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Posted By JZ

That looked awesome

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Posted By Reisz

The more I see of this, the more convinced I am that this was developed in parallel with ACIII. The naval stuff in III just seemed way too fleshed out for a side mechanic. If by that time they were already well into development for Black Flag, the polish on that stuff makes way more sense. Might explain why ACIII didn't come off as up to their previous standard. Either way I'm liking where this is going so far.

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Posted By Spitznock

Could this be the open world ocean exploration game I've been dying to see since Wind Waker?
Doubtful. Still interested though.

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Fuck sharks.

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Posted By mezmero

Trailer got me. I'm in on pirate ass pirates being pirates. Any and all historical context on this topic is absolutely fascinating. Will even numbered AC games always be better?

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Posted By alnor58

Dysentery: The game

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if they're not Sid Meyer's I'm pretty much done with pirates.

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Posted By ILikePopCans

3 killed all interest I had with the series. This game has to be very different for me to play it.

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Posted By Aegon

That was a Read Dead Redemption style trailer.

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I'm very interested in the AC2,3 and 4 setting yet for some reason I've not played the games before.

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Why couldn't Ubisoft just be innovative and make an original IP out of this instead of another freaking Assassin's Creed game? I mean come on!

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This looks pretty cool and I have been waiting for someone to make a good pirate game since... well, no one has really made a good non-adventure genre pirate game yet. I'm just a little disappointed that it's also an Assassin's Creed game. Open world pirate and sailing game would be soooo sooooo awesome. :/

If they put the time into this and not make it another exercise in doing the minimum possible for maximum cash grabbery, I will be on board... the ship. I liked AC2 a lot. I'm not anti-AC series. Just anti-half assed developed unnecessary sequels for the almighty dollar get.

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This actually looks really cool, but so did AC 3 before it launched. I'll stay cautious about this one but this game has the most potential of cool changes.

And what is that game running on? It looks way too sharp for current consoles. I'm guessing that's what the PC, PS4, and Durango versions look like.

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Posted By GunsAreDrawn

I guess we all should've known the next AssCreed would be about pirates since everyone was jacking off to the naval warfare in the previous title.

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Posted By BrianP

explore "uncharted" islands you say?

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I can't seem to ever not get excited for an Assassin's Creed game. They always get me. AC3 was disappointing in a lot of ways, but still, can't wait.

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"Uncharted" islands, huh...? Aye aye, captain..

Also ubisoft, you just lost me with assassins creed. Literally. I'm actually lost. Where is this going. Ubisoft you know where you're going with this, right? ..Right?

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Shark/octopus-assassinations confirmed? If not, fuck this game

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God dammit, I hope you can ditch the hood in favor of a sick, beaked tricorn.

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AC games have had me since the beginning, sure AC1 fell short on the gameplay side but I still thought it was okay, simply as a lifetime gamer enjoying my imagination of what would come next from what was produced back then!

AC1 for me was like J.J. Abrams' box that his dad gave him. It's contents is more interesting when you're wondering what's inside it than what actually is inside. This is every game I play. I mean even crappy games have great ideas and pearls of wisdom in them, unfortunately they get largely hidden by a big pile of shit around and on top of them.

No, I'm definitely looking forward to some more AC. I may hold off for prices to go down and some more time to pass between AC3 and this one, AC4, but I'll definitely play this!

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I kinda wish THIS was AC3. Would've been the next logical step in the Desmond Legacy after Ezio.

One of the reasons i had trouble getting into AC3's story was there seemed to be a whole block of interesting events that happened before the game(like how did Haytham join the Templars or why did Achilles retire as an Assassin?).

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Posted By OriginalGman

"For a brief, shining moment in history, a select breed truly lived free. It was the Grand Age of Pirates. And one man was on the course to become the Pirate King: Monkey D. Luffy."

Gonna get some sick One Piece AMVs out of this trailer.

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Posted By Claude

You won't fool me again Assassin's Creed. Fuck your boring ass games.

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This game looks cool, but do they have to be trying to sell preorders already? Preordering a game is dumb, preordering a game based off of one trailer is borderline mentally handicapped.

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Posted By Vuud

If this series were a race horse you'd put a bullet in its head.

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And so begins the wait for Assassin Astronauts

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i dont even care for ass creed but damn I need this game. This setting and the promise is just awesome

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Posted By BeefyGrandmole

No thanks!

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Damn this looks so good. Fuck the haters. You saw it said Assassins Creed, if you're automatically going to say then that it sucks, save your time and effort and don't even watch the video or comment. So lame.

@ghostiet said:

God dammit, I hope you can ditch the hood in favor of a sick, beaked tricorn.

I think it's a pretty safe bet there will be a pirate ass alternate costume considering that they had some different get ups in AC III (rather than just the hood) and there indeed was already a outfit for Connor with that style of hat when he was on the boat.

@vuud said:

If this series were a race horse you'd put a bullet in its head.

Yeah, because a smart horse owner kills his horse when it's just had it's biggest success. You should race horses, you seem to get how this works.

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Posted By Peanut

I thought they went off the rails with 2 and drove the setting into the shitter, then I was slightly into 3 with the setting change and now I'm fully fucking on board for the first time since 2. There simply aren't enough games in this setting, let alone ones worth a damn. I also loved the boat missions in 3, so I'm hyped.

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