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I love space docking!

Wait, no. That's not right.

I loved it when Vinny went inside Drew!

No, wait. That's not right...

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Fuck you, Blinx the Time Cat.

A Time Puppy could've changed the face of platformers, but what happened happened and couldn't have happened any other way.

No one expects the YAWHG.

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"Oh except for that whole vampire thing!" was amazing. Brad's been on fire lately.

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Thanks, Vinny! You've made my Friday.

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Hows our audio?!


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I actually liked Blinx the Time Sweeper.

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Can we steal Danny or maybe trade him with Gamespot for an Amiga and add him permanently to the GB crew?

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Drew...are you actually the new coach of the Warriors?

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Danny O'Dwyer is not bad at games!

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@zelyre said:

I love space docking!

Wait, no. That's not right.

I loved it when Vinny went inside Drew!

No, wait. That's not right...


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@rorie, I think the Hulk Hogan movie you were thinking of is No Holds Barred.

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There are many levels to this UPF.

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There's this game right. Shit's called Blinx. You got this... time travel... potion. Check it out check it out.


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I ain't never played neither game but I always thought Blinx was just a ripoff of Ratchet and Clank.

I wish they would port that new Halo bundle to PC. I would buy it. Halo was the first game that convinced me that a shooter was possible on consoles (and not a complete shit show).

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goodness gracious

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Jeff is away, that means we get that sweet barn door action.

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Oh shit! Jerry O'Connell? I guess I'm tuning in!

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I demand that this be the way drew is portrayed on the site from this point on, in any capacity.

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Amazing episode.

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@zelyre: No, no... those both sound correct.

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I'm still shocked and shaken by Danny's late nineties jean jorts.

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Drew looks so cute with the huge eyes :D

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Awesome UPF.

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Rorie: "Young Adult With Huge Gonads"

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that Yawhg game was fantastic

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@kerse: Definitely the best line yet.

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I became genuinely excited when I saw that UT99 loading screen. Wowowowowowow.

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One of the best UPFs in history! We even learned a valuable life lesson: Vampires make terrible doctors, especially in the post-apocalypse.

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I can't say I really understand the reputation that Blinx has. It wasn't the best game, but it's not the fucking awful piece of trash that people seem to consider it. Kind of bizarre to see a couch full of people who have never played the game before and know basically nothing about it be so vitriolic towards it before they even start playing it. I have no great love of Blinx: The Time Sweeper, but I kind of feel like SOMEBODY has to stand up for the poor game :( Some of the effects of the time mechanics were genuinely cool and I can always appreciate when a game does something that I'd not seen before. Water would become jelly-like when paused, it was cool :(

Really though, I am fairly baffled why Blinx attracts the scorn it does. Because they tried to make a cute mascot game?

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Drew and Danny are just great.

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The issue with blinx was that collecting the icons was atrocious and led to really poor gameplay. Having to collect the right combination to beat a level and then accidentally walking into 1 too many meant you had to start over. It was really poorly designed. I had fun playing it, but it's not a good game.

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God what? Unreal Tournament? Thievery is the best mod for that!

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Space Engineers went way too long

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The Young Adult With Huge Gonad game looks very charming.

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Yawhg reminds me in a weird way of the Banner Saga.

I guess it's a combination of the art style, and the choosing text adventure style options with no real idea how they're going to effect things.

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Brad seems really happy and positive and funny these days

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Where's Jeff?

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@zlaire: E3 Judges week. Away to get a sneak peek early look at some games from E3.