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Posted By danielkempster

Snide! What did you do to your marvellous beard?!

The "Bring Back Snide's Beard!" petition starts here.

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Posted By Dan

I think he looks better without it, actually.

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Posted By John

Whoa dave shaved!!

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Posted By snide

Yeah, I moved to a different apartment and lost my trimmer in the process. Rather then buy a new one, I just figured I'd kill the beard.

Definitely feels a little weird though. It might have to return.
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Posted By Scooper

Yeah I was liking Snider's beard and trucker cap from the last WAR Report that was awesome.

On the game; I might try it out, I'll give it a couple months and look at videos and see if I can get into it, but videos like this REALLY help me because I can't be bothered to hit up YouTube and sift through videos of gameplay, I find it much easier to listen to your opinions but if you can for the next WAR report put some in-game video in there, not your actual mains if you don't want to be spammed with whispers but some other characters you guys have, hopefully then I'll know if I can get back into MMO's. Thanks!

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Posted By roblopez

Nice vid, I agree with all you guys said. 

BTW, hell of an ugly couch you got going there.
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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

First of all, great info, thanks guys. I'm really hyped to try this game now. Sounds really great.

Secondly, anyone who uses Thottbot for ALL their quests or most of them anyway is just lazy. They did a great job of telling you were to go, and it makes sense not having a marker. That said it would be nice to have it as an option to give  avague thing on the map because there are a few quests where it just doesn't tell you, or expects you to be familiar with an area you aren't.

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Posted By Major

Wow, he shaved. Looks so much better

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Posted By joslop500

Great video, great vid

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Posted By Crispy

Hello, Alex Navarro.

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Posted By frenchdork

Yes he does look like Alex Navarro... I wonder if Snide is actually a clone of Alex.

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Posted By TheMikelGuereca

SNAP! How much sleep did Jeff get?

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Posted By jakob187

A couple of comments on what some of you guys said, and hopefully, it'll make you look at it in a slightly different view...as I tried to compare the game based on what I've known about WoW over these years as well, and it really doesn't help things:

1.  Snide, you said you are worried about melee DPS being OP.  I can understand what you mean, and especially after rolling a Dwarven Ironbreaker, their hamstring ability (can't remember exactly what it's called) can be VERY OP if you have a full 100 grudge on that toon.  I think the based dmg on it is something like 186 dmg over 10 seconds + 40% movement impairing.  I would just hit an enemy once, then pop hamstring, and sit back while they hit me.  With all the parry and block built into that class, as well as all these weird little warlock-like DoTs, yeah...I can understand.  On the flip side of things, Black Orcs get the same thing.

My main is a Chaos Marauder, and while it's a good melee DPS class, I wouldn't say they are OP.  They do get a move that takes them out of movement impairs, but it has a pretty decent cooldown to it, and against ranged classes who all get a snare ability, it means that they can keep melee DPS down pretty good.

And that's where the thing about it all kicks in:  we're used to thinking of PvP in WoW terms.  That game is very 1v1-centric, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  There is no balance to Warhammer, because when you ARE doing PvP, it will most likely be against a fuck ton of people.  I've been in enough Stonetroll Crossing RvR scenarios to know by now that ranged will fuck me up if I try to go against them, and especially alone.  Other melees, or even an engineer if they are fucking retarded, are quite a battle.

I'm mostly worried about HEALING classes being OP, because....even with an MS-type of attack...I can't kill them, and that's after popping a couple of potions.  I was watching my brother play his Warrior Priest, and the amount of healing and how little it costs them...plus the fact that all healing classes seem to have either very low or no cast times at all...really have me worried about both them and Runepriests.

2.  Jeff, you mentioned at the end the "grind" of it all.  Honestly, there's not really much of a grind.  I know a good handful of guys that have picked it up and don't play more than 2 hours at a time, and that's not even every day.  Regardless, they feel like they are accomplishing a ton in the game.  As well, they are still having fun.  I don't know...personally, I almost feel like I have ACCIDENTALLY leveled up to 18 on my Marauder.  Sometimes, I just think "Wow, I'm halfway there"...and that's in a week of maybe 5 hours a day, just foolin' around with friends.  Give it a little bit of time, then reroll a new character.  You'll be amazed just how easy it will be to pull a character up to at least level 10.

3.  The one thing I can gripe about that you guys didn't touch on is the fact that, while the beginning areas are nice and pretty...and I'll even agree with Snide in saying that there's a ton of NPCs but not many players atm...my biggest problem is travel.  The flight path setup is really funky and hard to get used to, and the first two tiers of zones are FUCKING HUGE...so travelling on foot gets b-o-r-i-n-g very easily.  Luckily, everyone gets Flee, which is a nice way early on to get around...and if you are a Marauder, you get Charge as well, which stacks with Flee.  Nonetheless, I just hate that so many of the quests have you go to one end of the map, then once you complete it, you have to go all the way back there...with no really simplified mode of travel.  Most MMO games have this problem, except for Guild Wars.  They had a really nice setup that I would love to see more MMO games adopt, even if it was an instanced world.

Otherwise, good criticisms, guys.  Looking forward to see how far you guys advance next week.  I'll be right alongside y'all.
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Posted By Jimbo_N

Im gonna be totally rude here and say that Snide´s beard looked kinda wild and kinda spotty for my taste but that combined with the trucker hat DID make him look like a true trucker which is never wrong.
Im also liking that my screenshots are covering every WAR story now. makes me really glad im contributing to the site.

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Posted By kingmasters

snide looks like alex kinda

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Posted By MasterSplinter

Luchadeer's rockin' the Kings bling.

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Posted By kist

dude jeff u must have played a lot of warhammer you look tireddddddddd!!! anyway keep up with the videos there a lot better than other web sites, you actually make me wanna listen2what your to what your talking about.... still not sure if ill get the game but interesting hearing what you guys all thought and your experience so far... keep them videos commin!! ....peace

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Posted By FlappyHands

Enjoying these videos, I am a fan of the Warhammer to a degree but I'm really not sure about this, I never once touched WoW and I've always been turned off by subscription-based online games, but hey you never know if a bunch of my friends get it I may get it too.

@Terrell - Dude you're an ass. Grow the hell up.  Christ man, how little of a life do you have?

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Posted By NarcolepticBat

i didnt notice that jeffs left eye is higher up than his right

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Posted By PapaLazarou

I played the closed beta since the start of the year and when I say played I mean I played like a couple times a month but just kept getting fed up of it. The great thing about being in the beta however is I don't need to buy the game because I already got to end level and did PVP and got bored of the game. One thing I really liked about Mythic was they actually listened to things I said needed to be changed, while they didn't do things how I thought they should be done they sorta met me half way on alot of points. I remember for example the character creation screen where you select your race and they all looked rather pathetic in rags and that and I said they should kit them out in armour so they look kool and make you want to play them instead of having a bad impression of the game and already on the verge of quiting. However I still think the character creation screen is too slow and clumsy, specially with the transitions and I feel like seeing some characters models like a Goblin for the greenskins might put you off choosing them and you might not ever know they have Orcs too. So I really wish they did more of a WOW thing where it was all on one screen.

What I noticed about the PVP is early on you'll be grinding scenarios and you'll be progressing very fast and it seems to me that they slowed down the XP for release too. When I was in the 30's then it really felt very slow and I played all day long in PVP and only gained about 1/4 of a level and felt just very tired and worn out lol. Also when you hit the tier 4 then it really switches over to the RVR game and thats where it all starts because of the city capture and that seems really kool but in practise RVR is hella boring and not as good as scenarios.

The problem with high level RVR is it moves way tooo slowly and takes soooo much effort to take a keep and your side could be trying for days and not get anywhere and then suddenly be pushed back and then you push them back and its always back and forth. When you take a keep too you don't get any sense of a reward for wasting your whole daying trying and finally doing it, keep RVR is very much like Planetside where its just that constant endless cycle with little reward. So really you're only playing for the fun you're having with the PVP and tbh it gets boring very fast.

See ranged is way overpowered in high level keep RVR and yet in scenarios it's very balanced and plays ALOT better to the mechanics. See all that happens in RVR is all the other zones are dead because only two cities are open so if you want to level up in any zones but Empire and Chaos then you'll be doing so along.......... thats a big flaw. So you all go to one area and it becomes a cluster fuck of hundreds of people fighting for a single keep because there only ever seems to be one line. So you have two groups of mass ranged with a no mans land in the middle just constantly fighting and the melee are useless. See if a melee clas seven with all the healers in the world tries to fight anyone all they do is run back into that giant crowd of ranged which then alpha the fuck outta the mlee and kill em instantly. So the fights were very boring for melee in keep RVR and they juste nd up going to scenarios because they work and are much more balanced. Another thing I hate is when you capture the city it's all instanced which is gay and ruined it for me + the rewards you get for it are boring and it resets and you do it all over again for no reason.

I will add too that I just found the Warhammer universe (in WAR atleast) to be pretty boring and it never made me care about anything. The game lacks humour and personality :\ All the things they said would be in there and how Paul described everything seemed really kool until you saw it in game and it was nothing like how he said. Like when he said you batter your Squig and then he eats you and you control him with his guts............. no you just suddenly change into a squig and its very boring. So the effect this had on me was I found the world to be boring and didn't want to explore and I didn't really like any of the races and I just had no reason to want to win the RVR.

Another thing was I found combat to feel really off like it didn't quite match the UI some how from when I'm looking at the graphics and then to the UI it just didn't fit. I found the spells to be boring and it was just slow and clunky and the actual combat lacked any depth like what WOW has with all the different kinds of spells it adds tactics. However with WAR I just found myself mashing the same 2 damage spells all the time in the spell chain and then hitting the other one which got a bonus for me doing damage........ all the classes played like this and its pretty boring because you just run upto them and mash buttons. I also found the problem is you can't really do 1 v 1 in the game because alot of the classes just can't ever beat other ones and its not about your skill but just about the class traits which became annoying to me. With classes that were similar to me it was all about whoever got a lucky crit or however made the first hit rather than who has the best skill.

The combat isn't helped with the really boring classes and I found myself doing the same thing as EQ2 and DAOC where I spent most my time in the game goign through all the classes to find which one I liked the most. Then I worked out that alot of the classes play esactly the same and they all feel rather generic and boring so I hated all the classes and just wanted to quit. In WOW there are 9 unique classes which prove quality over quantity and I had fun with all the classes in the game and on top of that I could still pick out a class I really loved which was shadow priest. In WAR theres tooo many classes and none of them are fun to play or have kool skills or anything that WOW does so well.

The crafting was a pointless addition to the game and has no effect what so ever...... I don't even see the point of doing it because theres no player economy and you have no use for it what so ever. It just felt lliked a dumbed down useless version of WOW's craftign system which is already very simple. It's like going from pre cu/cu in SWG to the NGE and seeing how pointless crafting is lol.

The world also pissed me off with how linear it is because it's just one set path with quest hubs all the way to 40 and theres no point going to anywhere but empire vs chaos because they're empty as their cities ain't open. I loved how WOW made its world where it felt like a natural sandbox world with lots of places to quest all over the world map. In WAR it's just very linear and very boring.

The public quests didn't impress me because they were like when a mmorpg is first launched and everyone is fighting over the mobs for them first quests in the same areas. Everyone just plays solo and it requires no team work what so ever......... I'd rather get the same amount of people together to do a really kool instance like the Dead Mines in WOW or something, rather than grinding for INF on 3 waves of mobs. Thats another problem alot of people just AFK group for INF which is annoying.

I felt the game was rather too easy and I never feared death and on any quests I just ran into hordes of enemy and could always kill them all. There was no group quests it was all soloable which was annoying because as a guy who likes mmorpgs.... I wanna group and do meaningful content together. 

I didn't like the graphics because they feel rather like a generic version of WOW with poor combat animations and spell effects which again put even more downers on the combat. I hated how everything feels sooo dark in the game and not the kool kinda dark like you had in the CGI trailers which I woulda taken but it's like WOW but who turned out the lights and missing the nice art. I mean the spell effects are all bright and colourful which its like is this Warhammer or Disney? Where is the gore and blood and guts? That's what Warhammer should be and always has been.

So I'm going to stop here and say Warhammer is not for Warhammer fans and it is not for people who like mmorpgs currently and nore for people who enjoy PVP. It's really a very dumbed down version of what we already have today which suggests to me that if you've never played a mmorpg before then it might be for you and if you never liked mmorpgs before then WAR will still not change your mind.

I know I shouldn't have expected anything new but the problem with WAR is it doesn't offer anything new and it doesn't make the current stuff any better and infact for the most part its alot worse than what we already have.


SOE/LA Give us Pre Cu servers already or atleast pre NGE!

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Posted By Afroman269

@ Terrell

lol. Sounds like you haven't hit the stage of puberty that you can grow facial hair so your jealous of those who have facial hair.

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Posted By Babble

The person on the left has obviously yet to see any of the keeps. I find it odd that he even commented about not being able to see Mythics direction when he is only 7 to begin with.

RvR becomes very important and keeps become HUGE.

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Posted By snake6phw

Where did that bearded guy go?

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Posted By Chocobo_Blitzer

Man, Dave looks younger without the beard. Also, I did the exact same thing with thotbot and WoW. I ended up relying on that thing way too much, glad Warhammer puts some of that in-game.

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Posted By mtosh
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Posted By Knives

Where'd the hobo go?

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Posted By adri4n

u guys should do a Warhammer Bombcast!

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Posted By L0RDTemplar

Looks better without the beard.

I'm liking these videos. Keep up the good work!

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Posted By English

Great vid, a lot better then the previous. You also look a lot better without the beard. Gratz.

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Posted By MightyMayorMike


Good vid! Making me miss my gaming tower. I'm between PCs at the moment, and all the games coming out are really lighting a fire under me to get going building my next one.

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Posted By Salviati

Guys, please move back the camera, especially on Jeff.  Its really has a claustrophobic effect.

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Posted By xplodedd

the dude shaved.

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Posted By Tortoise

It would be great to see some game footage spliced in to these segments. It doesnt even have to be directly relevant to what it being discussed, but as someone who hasnt got the game it would be interesting to see how some things work.

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Posted By GreyFox

yeah, snider's much cuter w/o the beard

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Posted By Valkyr

Couldn't you just record some of your gameplay and add it to the video?, come on!!

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Posted By CaleShepard

what happened to his beard

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Posted By Derios

Thank you snide for shaving, i can now watch these videos in comfort.

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Posted By Aeterna

These videos make me wonder what you guys'd think of an mmorpg that isn't based on the everquest model. When darkfall releases later this year I'm hoping you guys'll cover it and talk about what you think about it.

Seems like "everyone" is bored of the EQ-mmorpg's, so it'll be interesting to see the differences anyhow, it'll either start to shine over time or flop.

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Posted By mrfluke

snide looks like he should be in a rock band now

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Posted By mrfluke

snide looks like he should be in a rock band now

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Posted By rohanspear345

warhammer ! rocawear! shaved!

btw andy = dante from clerks.

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Posted By SeanIsStillAThreat

Snide, you are a handsome looking man

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Posted By Crono

Great vid, miss the beard.

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Posted By Kohe321

I am having so much fun with warhammer. Game rocks, period.

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