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Did Alex just pull an Alec Meer?

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best description ever

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I think I may just have to buy this...

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I'm confused. Is there hulk buggy or not?

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It's not a Hulk Buggy. It's the Spider-Mobile.

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I'm such a sucker. I'm gonna need that Captain America figure..

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I can't wait for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Version 2.0 (2.0 Version) (featuring Marvel).

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Is this cannon?

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Hello, I'm here for the Hulk Buggy.

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@razielcuts: I can see you're asking the hard hitting questions. Does the Marvel Universe acknowledge this universe yet?

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I would've known this was posted by Alex just by the description.

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Rubber Hulky Buggy Bumpers

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God dammit... Now I've got to buy this. Thanks Disneybama!!!!

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I like when Alex is gleeful.

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I see Hulk knows the pain of parallel parking. I can sympathize with that.

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Oh this is going to be another crazy game and spending spree

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I can't...

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@soundlug He was in the reveal trailer for this game, I think

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@webling said:

@soundlug He was in the reveal trailer for this game, I think

Yes, he was, but they haven't officially announced him yet so he doesn't get any acknowledgement or rather when asked about the other characters in the trailer they give the "We're just talking about The Avengers right now" line.

With E3 and Comic Con being so soon it's a pretty safe bet that a good chunk of the other characters will be known by the end of July. If not (nearly) all of them.

I told Johnny V that I loved that they were using something that looked like the Spectacular Spider-Man (animated series) design for the character to which he responded "I have no idea what you're taking about." ;-)

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Somehow I imagined that was how John Vingocchi parks his car.

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I didn't know Mr. Freeze was a Marvel Villain.

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These comments are infinitely more positive than the recent Watch Dogs release trailer comments. I feel so much better now.

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I'd tell them to take my money, but I get the feeling they already know.

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