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Viktor Antonov is best known as the art director and concept artist for Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast for Valve.

He got into games development industry in 1996 by joining Xatrix Entertainment, working on titles such as Redneck Rampage (1997), Redneck Rampage Rides Again: Arkansas (1998), Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning (1998) and Kingpin: Life of Crime (1999).

After leaving Xatrix Entertainment Antonov joined Valve. Technology used by the Combine and the overall style of City 17 were created using Antonov's concept art. For his work on Half-Life 2 Viktor Antonov won awards from the Visual Effects Society and BAFTA.

In 2005 Antonov left Valve. In an interview with the Russian gaming magazine "Igromania" Victor explained there were 3 reasons behind his departure: his wish to create his own company The Building Studios, to work mostly on writing at his own pace and his wish to move back to Paris, France (Where he lived as a child).

In 2006 Viktor Antonov founded his own company The Building Studios, helping Lyon's Arkane Studios develop Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (which was released later that year). He also helped write the script for another Arkane Studios game "The Crossing", which was later canceled.

Since early 2008 Antonov has been working on a franchise named "Prodigies", which is to include a film, a series of comic books and a computer game.

Currently he is working on recently announced Bethesda published and Arkane Studio developed Dishonored.

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