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    Counter-Strike: Source

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 11, 2004

    Counter-Strike gets reborn with a shiny new game engine in this 2004 remake.

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    A potential skirmish gets a fresh coat of dust, thanks to the Source engine.
    A potential skirmish gets a fresh coat of dust, thanks to the Source engine.

    Counter-Strike: Source (known as CSS), is a modern military multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Valve for the PC (via both Steam and retail) on November 1, 2004. The third official iteration of Counter-Strike (after Counter-Strike: Condition Zero), Counter-Strike: Source remakes the original in the then-new Source engine, updating the sounds and graphics while adding a new physics engine (mainly for use with interactive objects, such as barrels). The game also includes minor alterations to the gameplay, such as the removal of ammo purchasing, the removal of riot shields, and the increased effectiveness of flashbangs. After years of both minor and major updates (including an experimental "Dynamic Weapons Pricing" system in October 11, 2006, the Mac release on June 23, 2010, and a significant update in collaboration with Hidden Path throughout 2010), the game was later superseded by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

    The beta version of the game was originally released to members of the Valve Cyber Café program on August 11, 2004, then released to owners of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero on August 18, 2004. A new beta version of the game (developed in collaboration with Hidden Path) was released on May 7, 2010 (for those who owned the actual game), including new features and functionality (including 144 achievements, a new domination/revenge system similar to Team Fortress 2, player statistics, and a upgraded Source engine used in Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two). After tweaking the beta, the features were rolled in to the game on June 23, 2010. Although Valve has closed the beta while rolling in the new features, the beta was later re-opened to test minor updates.

    Game Types

    Because CSS is built on the modification friendly Source Engine there are a multitude of ways to play the game. Some of the types are available right out of the box, others are created by custom maps, plugins, addons or a combination of these. Every map indicates what game mode it was meant to be played as by its prefix. For example, de_dust2, using the "de_" prefix was made for demolition (also known as defusal) gameplay.

    Game ModeCustomMapsInfo
    Hostage Rescue (CS_)NoBothHostage rescue maps set the counter terrorists against a hostage situation. There are usually four hostages which are housed near the terrorist spawn point, and the terrorists must guard them until the round's time runs out. Counter terrorists must rescue the hostages by activating them and make their way back to a spot near the counter terrorist spawn, which will win them the round. Even if some of the hostages are killed, if all remaining ones are saved, the counter terrorists still win. There is also the option of simply killing the opposing side to win the round, and that is the most employed tactic of most teams in the game. These maps are allegedly terrorist favored, as they can just camp near their spawn, and either let the round time run out or pick of incoming counter terrorists as they make their way into the premise
    Demolition (DE_)NoBothDemolition is the standard in competitive play. The counter-terrorists win by eliminating all terrorists when the bomb is not planted, defusing the bomb when it is planted or preventing the terrorists from planting the bomb within the time limit. The terrorists win by eliminating all counter-terrorists or planting the bomb and having it explode. Official Counter-strike leagues and competitions mainly play de_ maps for their balance ( dust2 is considered one of the most balanced maps of any online game) as it doesn't really give any side the chance to camp properly.
    Assassination (AS_)YesCustomIn assassination the counter terrorists must escort the, also counter terrorist, VIP to a helicopter or eliminate all terrorists to win. The terrorists must eliminate the VIP to win or prevent the VIP from reaching the helicopter within the time limit. This gameplay mode is not officially supported in CSS, but it was an official mode in 1.6
    Aim (Aim_)YesCustomAim maps are, mostly symmetrical, team deathmatch arena's that are made to aid players in testing and improving their aiming skill while using the objects in the map as cover.
    Fight Yard (FY_)YesCustomFight Yards are team deathmatch arena's similar to Aim maps but more oriented towards fun use of the engine or map editor.
    Glass/BreakYesCustomThese maps focus on the ability to demolish the environment, mostly floors, around the player and the interaction created with it.
    Grenade War (HE_)YesCustomThese maps focus on a grenade throwing team deathmatch.
    Knife Arena (KA_)YesCustomThese maps focus on a team deathmatch with only the knife as a weapon.
    Surf(SURF_)YesCustomSurf maps let the player slide along the side of triangular objects acquiring more and more forward speed while traveling along the set paths of the map. To surf, one jumps on the object they wish to surf on (usually an equilateral or isosceles triangle), and holds the key opposite to the side they're surfing on i.e. 'A' if they're on the right side of the triangle, 'D' if they're on the left side. Do not press 'W' or 'S' as they will make you either stop completely, or slowly slide down the polygon. Use the mouse to judge where you want to go, and stay as low as you possibly can on the triangle for maximum speed.

    This game type is like surf only on a 2D plane. Players are propelled forward at high speed while dodging obstacles.Like surf, there is usually a powerful weapon at the end as a reward for finishing the map.

    Death Run(DEATHRUN_)YesCustomIn Death Run, Counter Terrorists must navigate a series of obstacles while the terrorist are constantly setting off traps from the safety of a command center in the middle of the map. There usually has to be a much greater number of CTs than terrorists on the map for balance (there are usually one or two terrorists a map) and, like slide and surf, there is usually a weapon at the end of the map which the CTs can use to kill the terrorists.
    Zombie Mod(ZM_)YesCustomZombie Mod redefines the two teams in CSS to zombies and living. The zombies have a lot of health points, run faster, can turn the living into a zombie by stabbing them with their only weapon, the knife. The living sometimes get unlimited ammunition but this varies per server. At the start of the round everyone is on the living side. After a short period of time one player is automatically turned into a zombie and the madness will begin.
    GunGame(GG_)YesBothGun Game is a popular mod which focuses, as the name suggests, entirely around the player's weapons. Rather than allowing players to purchase the firearm of their choice, each player starts with a weak handgun. After every one or two kills, the player "levels up" and his weapon is replaced by the next in order of progression. Players thus race through the list of guns available, going from handguns to shotguns to sub-machine guns to rifles until they finally end with a single grenade. The first person to score a grenade kill wins the game. Gun Game servers typically organize players into two teams, though this is not necessary. Some retain CSS' signature round-type system, while others function according to deathmatch (instant respawn) rules.


    Valve have released a bunch of maps for Counter Strike Source that for the main part are remakes of old maps from the past games in the series. They have also released a few new maps that are made for the source version.

    Valve released maps

    Custom maps

    Since the map editor for source engine games(Hammer tools) is so easy to learn the amount of community made maps are enormous. The game also has an included downloader so if the server is running a thirdparty map you will have it automatically downloaded to your steamapps folder.

    Weapons and Other equipment

    Dynamic Weapons Pricing

    In 2006, Valve issued a patch that introduced the dynamic weapons pricing system. Under this new system, weapons and items that have been frequently purchased in the last week go up in price, while those that were underused become cheaper. This change was made in reaction to the fact that Counter-Strike players are notorious in their overuse of certain weapons, the M4, AK-47 and Desert Eagle in particular. While the change was criticized by many players, the update, combined with significant buffs to some of the more rarely used weapons, did make headway into diversifying public server play however almost all of the popular public servers have disabled the feature.



    NameIngame PriceCountryClip CapacityWeight(Loaded)Projectile WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
    9x19mm400$Austria20 Rounds0,9 KG8g1132 ft/sec475 Joule
    228 Compact600$Germany13 Rounds1,03 KG8,1g1400 ft/sec600 Joule
    Night Hawk .50c650$Israel7 Rounds1,8 KG19,4g1380 ft/sec1650 Joule
    5.40 Dual Elites800$Italy15 Rounds1,15 KG8g1280 ft/sec606 Joule
    ES Five Seven750$Belgium20 Rounds0,618 KG2g2345 ft/sec465 J


    NameIngame PriceCountryClip CapacityWeight(Loaded)Projectile WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
    Leone 12 Gauge Super (M3)1700$Italy8 Rounds3,5 KG3,8g1250 ft/sec2429 Joule
    Leone YG1265 Auto3000$Italy7 Rounds4 KG3,8g1250 ft/sec2429 Joule

    Sub-machine Guns:

    NameIngame PriceCountryClip CapacityWeight(Loaded)Projectile WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
    Ingram Mac 101400USA30 Rounds3.82 KG15.2g919 ft/sec584 Joule
    TMP1250Austria30 Rounds1.3 KG8g1280 ft/sec606 Joule
    MP51500Germany30 Rounds3,42 KG8g1132 ft/sec637 Joule
    KM UMP451700Germany25 Rounds2.27 KG15.2g1005 ft/sec625 Joule
    P902350Belgium50 Rounds3 KG2g2345 ft/sec465 Joule


    NameIngame PriceCountryClip CapacityWeight(Loaded)Projectile WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
    Clarion FAMAS2250$France25 Rounds3.4 KG4g2212 ft/sec1712 Joule
    IDF Defender (Galil)2000$Israel35 Rounds4.35 KG4g2013 ft/sec1712 Joule
    Maverick M4A1 Carbine3100$USA30 Rounds3.22 KG4g2900 ft/sec1570 Joule
    CV-472500$Russia30 Rounds4.79 KG7.9g2329 ft/sec1922 Joule
    Bullpup (Styer Aug)3500$Austria30 Rounds4.09 KG4g2900 ft/sec1570 Joule
    Schmidt Scout2750$Austria10 Rounds3.3 KG8g2800 ft/sec2200 Joule
    Krieg 5523500$Switzerland30 Rounds3.1 KG4g2900 ft/sec1570 Joule
    Krieg 550 Commando4200$Switzerland30 Rounds7.02 KG4g3100 ft/sec1650 Joule
    Magnum Sniper Rifle4750$U.K10 Rounds6 KG16.2g3000 ft/sec7000 Joule
    D3/AU-15000$Germany20 Rounds4.41 KG8g2800 ft/sec2200 Joule

    Machine Gun:

    NameIngame PriceCountryClip CapacityWeight(Loaded)Projectile WeightMuzzle VelocityMuzzle Energy
    M249 (Para)5750$Belgium100 Rounds6 KG4g3000 ft/sec1600 Joule

    The game also contains flash bang grenades, frag grenades, smoke grenades, Kevlar armor, night vision goggles, a knife and defusal kits.

    System Requirements

    • 1.2 GHz processor
    • 256MB Ram
    • Direct X 8 level graphics card
    • Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
    • 2.4 GHZ processor
    • 512MB RAM
    • Direct X 9 level graphics card
    • Windows 2000/XP

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