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    The chambers in the Bioshock games which allow for the revival of the protagonists when they die. They essentially function as respawn points.

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    The Vita-Chambers were designed to be machines that could revive the dead, however according to Yi Suchong's audio diaries when Rapture fell they were still undergoing trials and thus were never implemented into general use in Rapture. During the trials the Vita-Chambers were synchronized to the genetic code of Andrew Ryan, meaning that they could only resurrect him or someone with a very similar DNA pattern and so his son Jack Ryan is able to be revived by the chambers in the original Bioshock, should he die. Andrew Ryan had a Vita-Chamber installed in his office, however he deliberately turns it off before confronting Jack Ryan at Rapture Central Control where he orders Jack to kill him. The player can reactivate the chamber after Andrew Ryan's death. 
    At the beginning of Bioshock 2, Eleanor Lamb (who was the first Little Sister ever bonded with a Big Daddy) uses her influence over the Little Sisters to re-key a Vita-Chamber to the genetic code of the Big Daddy she was originally bonded with, Subject Delta. This revives Subject Delta 10 years after his death as part of Lamb's plan to escape from Rapture. Subject Delta can be revived from then on at any point in the game by the Vita-Chambers should he die.

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