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    A distinctively shaped delicacy, waffles are delicious baked goods often served alongside breakfast and topped with sugar, chocolate, or various other ingredients to help enhance the taste.

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    A waffle is a batter-based cake that is cooked inside a waffle iron, giving them their distinctive grid-patterned shape. Waffles are a common breakfast food item, but may also be served as a snack. They may be served with a variety of toppings such as maple syrup, fresh fruit, butter, whipped cream, powdered sugar, Cinnamon, or chocolate. Some restaurants specialize in chicken and waffles, where the waffles come with a serving of fried chicken, as a savory balance.

    Additional Information

    • National Waffle Day in the United States is celebrated on August 24th.
    • Waffles that are made from potatoes are, in fact, not classed as Waffles.
    • During the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Luigi gets an urgent message from a cabinet minister of the Waffle Kingdom, Crepe. Through his adventures, he defeats the Chestnut King and rescues Princess Eclair.

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