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Wrap Prisms are a Protoss created robotic unit that is built from the Robotics Facility. The Warp Prism represents a fusion of the Protoss psionic abilities and their robotic capabilities. The result is a mobile transport that is also capable of acting as a Pylon.

A Warp Prism in Transport Mode (left) and Phasing Mode (right)
A Warp Prism in Transport Mode (left) and Phasing Mode (right)

A Warp Prism has two different modes, the first, Transport Mode, is where it acts as a transport capable of moving units around the battlefield and the second, Phasing Mode, where the Warp Prism is stationary and takes on the properties of a Protoss pylon. While in the Phasing Mode the Warp Prism creates a Psionic Matrix around it, which allows the player to summon units from a Warp Gate and will provide power to Protoss structures within the zone. The Warp Prism can be seen as a replacement to the Shuttle from the original game.


Built From Robotics Facility
Mineral Cost 200
Gas Cost0
Supply Cost2
Build Time50 sec
Hit Points100
Shield Points100
Sight Range10
Movement Speed2.953


  • A common strategy is to fly a Warp Prism behind your opponent's mineral line and spawn in a number of Zealots or Dark Templar to assassinate their workers.
  • The second StarCraft II expansion, Legacy of the Void, increased the pick up range of the Warp Prism and now allows a skilled player to use the Warp Prism and another unit, such as an Immortal, to kite an enemy unit by dropping the loaded unit and picking it back up after it has attacked but before it receives any damage.


The Phase Prism
The Phase Prism
  • The Warp Prism was originally known as the Phase Prism and sported the "dark" color scheme of the Dark Templars.

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