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Aztec Challenge is a Commodore 64 game developed by Paul Norman for Cosmi, released in 1983. It was based on an Atari 2600 game of the same name by Robert Tegel Bonifacio. It is a game where the player takes on the role of a lone Aztec Warrior who must fight his way through a series of deadly challenges to become the next leader of the Aztecs.



In level 1 (The Gauntlet) you run a gauntlet of Aztec warriors throwing spears while you run toward the Aztec Temple.

In level 2 (The Stairs) you climb the Aztec Temple while dodging left and right to avoid falling boulders.

Level 3 (The Temple) has you dodging falling arrows, rocks, pits in the floor and alligators popping up.

Level 4 (The Vermin) has you jumping over and dodging snakes, spiders and crocodiles.

Level 5 (Hopaztec)is a booby trapped room where you have to jump from block to block.

Level 6 (Piranha) has you swimming across a river filled with dangerous piranhas.

Level 7 (The Bridge) has you traversing a rickety broken bridge with missing slats.

These levels cycle four times for the game to return to the title screen.


The game was remade as Azteca: Queen of Quetzalcoatl and is available on Paul Norman's website DigitTARIUS


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