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    Peggle Nights

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 17, 2008

    Peggle Nights is the sequel to Peggle, developed by PopCap Games. While the gameplay remains virtually unchanged Peggle Nights features 60 new levels and challenges.

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    While the gameplay is virtually unchanged, Peggle Nights adds a new character and challenges. 


    Unlike the original, Peggle nights actually has the baseline for a story. Each Peggle Master set follows the Peggle Master associated with it through one of his or her dreams. The story is presented with pre-level comments from the masters themselves as well as the background to each level showing a scene from the dream. Each master has the following dreams:

    Bjorn Unicorn dreams of fighting crime as a masked superhero. The dream begins with an arsonist starting a fire, then Bjorn is signaled much like Batman but with a horseshoe instead of a bat. Then, it depicts Bjorn driving to the scene, defeating the enemy, and ends with a close-up of his face.

    Jimmy Lightning dreams of being an award winning scientist. Each level represents different sciences including chemistry, biology and the use of electricity in science.

    Renfield Pumpkin dreams of being an artist. Each level is a different painting. All paintings are very similar to famous paintings, but with a classic horror twist, such as a pumpkin instead of a moon, or the inclusion of ghosts.

    Kat Tut dreams of being in the circus. Each level depicts a different circus act such as being shot from a canon, flying through flaming hoops and flying on the trapeze.

    Splork dreams of bowling the perfect game. Each level includes images of bowling balls and pins and culminates in the giant 300 sign.
    Claude Lobster dreams of becoming a giant. His set begins with him hanging out under a toxic waste dump. He subsequently becomes a giant much like Godzilla and storms through Paris.
    Tula Flower dreams of traveling the world. Each level depicts a famous landmark with Peggle twists, such as Mount Rushmore featuring faces of other Peggle Masters and Stone Henge having a UFO.

    Lord Cinderbottom dreams of becoming a firefighter. His levels show scenes of fire and his ways of putting it out.

    Warren Rabbit dreams of becoming an Indiana Jones-like adventurer. His levels progress through his adventure from him finding a map to treasure, traveling to a distant country (he later names as Bolivia) and finding the treasure. In one particular level, the background depicts a small temple, while Warren's pre-level comment says that he can decipher the text and they spell out "Z-U-M-A".

    Master Hu dreams of becoming a rock star. Each level includes some reference to either musical instruments and speakers and to actually being in concert.

    New Character

    Peggle Nights includes a single new Peggle Master, named Marina, an electric squid. When green pegs are hit while using her, upon the next shot an orb is over the bucket at the bottom of the screen. When a peg is hit, an electric bolt passes from the hit peg to the orb, activating all pegs between them. This power lasts for a single turn. Within the Adventure mode, Marina is the Peggle Master just before the final 5 Master levels. Unlike the rest of the game, her set is not depicted so much as a dream but as her journey to become a Peggle Master.


    Peggle Nights assumes the player has already played Peggle before, and wastes no time on introduction levels. While the basic gameplay mechanics remain the same, most levels now include some hard object to bounce the ball off of, as well as multiple moving pegs.

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