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    France is a European country, home of the French people and the origin of the baguette.

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    France is a country located in Western Europe and is part of the European Union. Its neighboring countries are Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra.

    In Video Games

    France is often seen in World War 2 games. France being the area where the most fighting happened at the end of the war, many games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor set their games there. You usually fight through Normandy all the way to Paris, going from little town to little town.

    Games like the Saboteur have you playing as part of the French Resistance during the occupation, sabotaging structures and freeing Paris.

    Some RTS games have you fighting in France during the Middle Ages. For example, in Age of Empires 2, you get to fight along Joan of Arc against the British.

    Every has french stadiums like Le Parc des Princes and all tennis games have you in Roland Garros.


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