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    Welcome Park

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 15, 2012

    A collection of five minigames designed to teach the player how to use the PlayStation Vita.

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    Welcome Park is a suite of minigames that highlights several technical features of the PlayStation Vita system by challenging the player to quickly and accurately perform a variety of relevant tasks. Highlighted features include the Vita's front and back touch screens, two cameras, microphone, and motion sensors.

    Minigames vary in format, with several games including some notion of a target time or score goal (awarding PlayStation trophies for matching or beating the target goals), and other games taking a more open, freeform approach.


    Digit Chase

    Target time: 1:00

    Digit Chase consists of three stages, each of which demonstrates a different mode of touch-based interaction. Each stage is timed individually, but all individual times are added up to produce a single overall time for the game.

    Tap Stage

    Target time: 0:30

    Each phase of this stage presents the player with targets numbered 1-5. The player must tap the targets in the correct order to complete the stage. Additional complication is introduced through target pairs (two targets with the same number) and stacked targets.

    Flick & Drag Stage

    Target time: 0:20

    A wheel of tabs numbered 1-10 is shown and the player must combine rotation of the wheel (by dragging back and forth) with peeling of the tabs (by dragging down from the upper-right corner of a tab). All tabs must be peeled away in the correct order before the stage is complete.

    Rear Touch Pad Stage

    Target time: 0:20

    Two stacks of rings are displayed, one on each side of the screen. The player can touch one side of the Vita's rear touch panel to push a blob of goo into the air on that side. After sending blobs through all rings in the correct order, the stage is completed.

    Hello Face

    The Hello Face minigame.
    The Hello Face minigame.

    The player is challenged to take pictures of objects they believe look like faces, with the necessary features being a mouth and two eyes. If the Vita recognizes an object as appearing face-like, it will display an animated version of it.

    Sound Loop

    A more open-ended minigame, Sound Loop uses the Vita's microphone to let players record, play back, and mix together sound samples. Recorded samples are displayed as balls rolling around a circle, and can be augmented with background music and sound effects.

    Skate Axis

    Skate Axis in action.
    Skate Axis in action.

    Target score: 500

    Using the motion controls, the player is able to move a skateboard rider back and forth across the screen by tilting the Vita and perform ollies by flipping the Vita. Stars appear around and above the skater, which the player can collect for points.

    Snap + Slide

    Players are prompted to take a photo with one of the Vita's cameras and are then timed as they solve a 3x3 or 4x4 sliding tile puzzle based on the photo they captured.


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