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Westfall,the region closest to Stormwind City and the next place to travel for a young travelerywho has already seen all of Elwynn Forest.Once a rich agricultural center, much of Westfall now lies fallow and forgotten. The Defias Brotherhood, renegade humans who wield secrecy and technology against Stormwind, control much of the area. Bandits and gnolls raid those farms that remain, and Stormwind’s resources are stretched too thin to protect.the beleaguered populace.Your main opposition is The Defias Brotherhood,but some Kobolds and Gnalls can be a nuicance.


Alexston Farmstead

Another of the farms of central Westfall that have been taken over by the Defias Brotherhood. Now the deadly mechanical Harvesters roam the fields, and the Defias have laid claim to the farm.

The Dagger Hills

They are located behind Moonbrook in Westfall. The Dagger Hills are home to the strongest members of the Defias Brotherhood in Westfall outside of the Deadmines. Grimbooze Thunderbrew in the hills gives you a repeatable quest that offers you no experience but free alcohol.

The Dead Acre

Once one of amongst many farms of Westfall. When the Defias Brotherhood began taking control of Westfall, they burned the farm that had once stood there, as well as the fields.    Now, only smoking ruins remain. The Dead Acre is in southeast Westfall, close to the bridge leading into Duskwood.The mechanical harvesters that roam the smoldering fields of the Dead Acre are the strongest in Westfall, so exercise caution.

Demont's Place

Lies just west of Moonbrook in Westfall. Like The Dead Acre, little remains of the original farmstead. While no mechanical harvesters patrol the area, it is crawling with agents of the Defias Brotherhood.

The Dust Plains

The southernmost area of Westfall. The plains have a population of Gnolls that threaten adventurers from their camps. Also, there is an old guard tower, overrun by Defias agents, called Klaven's Tower where an Alliance Rogue quest chain, obtainable at level 20, leads you. This is the quest chain involved in gaining the Poisons skill.

Furlbrow's Pumpkin Patch

Another farm in Westfall that has been taken over by the Defias Brotherhood and their mechanical harvesters. Now the killing machines patrol the fields and Defias have taken up residence in the buildings. Farmer Furlbrow and his wife have fled and can be found on the road near The Jansen Stead in northern Westfall.

Gold Coast Quarry

Used to be a valuable mineral and gold mine in Westfall for the Alliance. Now, however, the quarry is in the hands of the Defias Brotherhood and their agents patrol the area.

The Jangolode Mine

Was one of the key sources in Westfall of minerals for Stormwind. Now the Defias Brotherhood has taken over the mine. Since the soldiers of Stormwind are busy fighting the Horde, they do not have enough soldiers available to dislodge the Defias.

The Jansen Stead

The northernmost farm in Westfall and near the border of Elwynn Forest. Like most of the farms in Westfall, the owners have been driven off by the Defias Brotherhood. Now, Defias mechanical harvesters and agents of the Brotherhood control the farm. Nearby you can find Farmer Furlbrow and his wife who have fled their own farm, Furlbrow's Pumpkin Patch. They give most adventurers their first quests in Westfall.

Klaven's Tower

Named after its rogue Defias master Klaven Mortwake, lies at the southeastern edge of Westfall near the river and north of the Dagger Hills. SI:7 has been scouting this tower for some time and sometimes seeks help from adventurous rogues to sneak in and gather intelligence. It is a well known launching point for Defias activity such that it has also been called the "Defias Tower". Klaven's Tower is used along with Jerod's Landing in Elwynn Forest, in the smuggling of stolen goods from Redridge Mountains.


The vast stretch of coastline along Westfall. Travel along the coast is hazardous as swarms of Murlocs roam the beaches unchecked. Longshore is also where Night Elf Druids must travel to find half of the amulet required to gain aquatic form at level 16. The other half is in Darkshore on Kalimdor.

The Molsen Farm

Another of the farms of Westfall that have been taken over by the Defias Brotherhood. Now, the deadly mechanical harvesters terrorize the fields and the Defias have claimed the farmstead as their own.


A Defias Brotherhood controlled ghost town southwest of Sentinel Hill.There is a freewheeling merchant in one of the buildings that is friendly to all players, regardless of faction, that serves as a repairer and general goods vendor to players who are brave or foolish enough to venture into the Deadmines. He may also make Moonbrook the only Horde-friendly outpost near Stormwind.

Saldean's Farm

Unique in Westfall in that it is the only farm that has not been completely taken over by the Defias Brotherhood. Though Defias harvesters roam the fields, Farmer Saldean and his wife have stubbornly refused to leave. Both Farmer Saldean and his wife offer a quest, and Farmer Saldean further aids adventurers by selling basic supplies to those in need.

Sentinel Hill

An Alliance outpost in Westfall and their last stronghold in the region. It is here that the men and women of The People's Militia make their final stand against the Defias in a desperate last attempt to reclaim their homes. It's current population is around 300.Most human characters visit during their adventures sometime after level 10. Sentinel Hill is located southwest of Stormwind and has only a few vendors.  
You can also find the Defias Traitor at the Sentinel Tower.It has a Flight Path (Gryphon roost), a barracks-like Inn, a Mailbox, and a forge and anvil next to the lumber mill down the hill from Sentinel Tower. In this area where you will receive missions for the Deadmines, and it is closer to Raven Hill Cemetery than Darkshire is, if you are doing missions there.Raids on Sentinel Hill with the goal to kill Gryan Stoutmantle are common, mostly to provoke a response from nearby Stormwind and draw Alliance players away in preparations for attacks on the city. In addition, the farm just to the right of the road from Sentinel Tower seems to be a popular spot for gold farming; lower-level gold farmers are often seen remaining in that small area, killing the same boars and vultures over and over.There is a graveyard just outside of Sentinel Hill. Blizzard refers to it as a "default graveyard" and so it will be your spawn point if you cannot spawn anywhere else (for example, if your 10-day trial of Burning Crusade expires but you are still in Outland and your hearthstone is bound to Shattrath City).

Sentinel Tower

A prominent landmark in Westfall. It stands upon the apex of Sentinel Hill as a scout tower to watch over the surrounding farmscape. This is where one can find the People's Militia's leaders, including Gryan Stoutmantle, the group's commander.

Stendel's Pond

A small pond southwest of Sentinel Hill in Westfall. It is currently surrounded by Gnolls. While water is scarce in Westfall no one seems to be exploiting the pond.

The Westfall Lighthouse  

Sits just off the coast on the far southern edge of Westfall. Outside the lighthouse stands the ghostly Captain Grayson who gives you a few quests that involve killing Murlocs along the coast. 

During Children's Week, the Alliance Human Orphan will ask the player to take him here.


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