CCP WoD MMO WIP (acronyms lawl) In-Game test footage. IT LIVES!

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That would be "CCP World of Darkness MMO Work in Progress In-Game test footage."

So apparently, CCP may shift more resources back to the WoD MMO after Dust 514 launches. I can't tell you how happy this makes me, since this ranked up there with Thief 4 (which is apparently kind of done? It's complicated...) on games that I was dieing to see more of, but just seemed to vanish. I'm pretty worn out on the traditional MMO formula, but I have confidence that CCP can turn out something very interesting to break that medium out of the mold, especially when combined with the WoD.

World of Darkness is based on primarily on pen-and-paper RPG Vampire: the Masquerade. Vampires are real and secretly pull the strings in the human world. They also engage in wars with each other behind-the-scenes. LikeEVE Online,WoDfeatures player-run politics. Players can be elected to positions such as Prince of a city.

Politics isn't the only focus of the game, though. CCP also touted the "coffee house", or social, side of the game. Casual gamers will have places throughout the in-game cities to congregate. When players aren't feeling so civil, they can engage in hand-to-hand combat.

The video at the presentation is a fly-through of one of the city. No characters are seen. CCP is trying to build a seamless city, so that you're not treated to a loading screen every time you head indoors. In the video, you can see detailed interiors in some buildings from outside.

As WODNews notes, this information and trailer will probably be the last we'll hear of the game for awhile. CCP plans to "go underground" with the game again. They'll resurface again once they're good and ready


I could talk to you for hours about how much fun I had with the multiplayer for VTM: Redemption. I think the fact that the WoD community is sometimes ridiculed makes for a more interesting and dedicated group of players. Kind of like LARPing. From the outside, people may point and laugh, but the people involved are having a great time. Really looking forward to this.

Just throwing it out there in case some of you may have forgotten or didn't know it was a thing.

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This looks pretty interesting, I really like the atmosphere they seem to be going for. The only experience with World of Darkness I've had is in Bloodlines (which I think is fantastic) and I'm not really a fan of MMOs, but if anyone can sway me, it'll probably be CCP. The depth they're promising makes this much more appealing than a standard MMO.

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Exactly. CCP breaking the mold, hopefully. The MMO has been dismally stagnant since every developer uses the same blueprint. I'm also kind on hoping that the stigma that Twilight has attached to vampires and werewolves will keep most of the trolling, presumptuous masses out, and never realize that White Wolf/WoD is basically the antithesis of sparkly vampires. Flashcrafting abominations and diablerie? Oh yeeaarg! They have so much to pull from, even if they're just going to take from VTM and Werewolf.

And if they do stick to just VTM, I'm wondering if it's going to be primarily the Camarilla vs. Sabbat, or they're do the Cammies vs. Sabbat vs. The Hunters, because that would be wicked awesome.

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That stigma you mentioned might be good for keeping the types of people you mentioned out, but it could also prevent the game from finding a large enough audience to be successful. I don't know what kind of payment model they're going to use, but if too many people refrain from actually researching the themes and subject matter of the content and dismiss the game as an attempt to capitalize on the Twilight vampire phenomenon the audience might not grow to a sustainable size. I know EVE does well despite not being "World of Warcraft-popular" but that's because it has an extremely dedicated player base. Ultimately, I wonder if WoD will be able to inspire that kind of passion from its players. Maybe a F2P model lessens the risk, but it also raises a number of other game-impacting issues.

That said, playing the game with a smaller group of more committed people would be something I'd enjoy quite a bit.

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This looks interesting and I'm willing to give anything about vampires a shot. Also, for some reason that video reminded me of The Darkness. Weird!

@Podunk said:


That said, playing the game with a smaller group of more committed people would be something I'd enjoy quite a bit.

That was one of the things I enjoyed most about WoW. Even though there is obviously a huge player base, my favourite time on that game was when I played with a tight knit group of online friends. After everyone started to leave I could never stick with the game for very long!

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thought this was some new footage... it's the same thing they showed when they first announced it :(

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I need this game asap...

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Yeah, I'm not saying that I'm glad that some people immediately dismiss anything related to vampires and werewolves because of Twilight. More that since it's become a part of the media trend as of late, at least it might just keep that type of player at a distance if all they want to do is troll people's interests. On the other hand, since it is one of the somewhat trendy sub-genres, it might end up bringing in more crowds that are looking for a Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries type of experience. Which will be hilarious when their Toreador coterie gets slaughtered by Black Spiral Dancers. HAHAHA... heh... what? Nothing.

Yeah, I know its a couple months old. But I just wanted to put it out there to get people talking about it, since I'm getting excited for it. It was announced by White Wolf a few years ago (09 I think?), though, and It's been ninja for awhile now, so it might be easy for people to miss. Just having a little snippet like this to put my vaporware fears at ease was pretty satisfying.

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No loading screens you say? I'm not really into the whole vampire but I can appreciate it. More importantly an MMO set in the present times could be really interesting. Granted, it's not the first MMO to do so but the tone here looks pretty nice. Either way, colour me intrigued.

Also I don't care what anyone else says. Thief 4 isn't dead. NOT DEAD I TELL YOU!

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That's the thing I'm wondering about the most, the "vampire" thing. Since they're calling it "The World of Darkness" and not "Vampire: The Masquerade Online," it opens up a whole plethora of possibilities, but I might be taking them too literally. The WoD in the White Wolf system includes basically every type of supernatural horror creature that exist in parallel to the mortal world, like vampires and werewolves. Ghosts, demons, changelings, and undead of all different types are playable characters, and within each are many different sub-sets. Since they're written in as playable characters in the rule books, the encounters with them tend to be meaningful (and very dangerous) most the time, and not just there as XP farms. I'm not expecting most of these to make it into the WoD MMO as playable characters, but they'll most likely be present.

Also, no. Garrett will never die ;)

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Holy crap, this is still a thing? Fantastic. I was almost certainly convinced that this was canceled by now. Course... I feel like it still could end up getting canceled. And there's still no guarantee that it will end up being any good, but, I love WoD, so at the very least I'm willing to give it a shot whenever it eventually does actually come out.

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