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European Club Soccer is a football/soccer game released in 1992 by Krisalis Software and published by Virgin Games , and was released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genisis , the game also received a release in North America under the name World Trophy Soccer and in Japan under the name J-League Champion Soccer.

The game is primarily based on the game Manchester United Europe that was released on the Commodore Amiga in 1991.


There are two game mode in the game Exhibition and Chamions' Cup which tries it's best to emulate the real life European Champions' Cup of the time, and progress can be continued through use of password as no battery backup feature was available at the time. Options allowed you to change the difficulty of the game, the length of each match from times between 4 and 90 minutes and the control layout.


There are around about 170 real life top European club teams to choose from on offer with each country being represented by at least two teams each, each team also has kits that are quite close to their real life versions mainly sacrificing on detail due to the hardware limitations. One team that appears in the game is Rotherham United despite never being in the top tier of their countries football league or the European Chamions' Cup they were included because the developers were based in Rotherham.


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